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  1. I think this is a very clever solution. It still requires you to schedule a task, however. I'm just curious what task you chose to schedule?
  2. Actually it's not true that all .bin files come with .cue files. I have some on my hard drive that don't. They open fine using Virtual Clone Drive, which is free.
  3. 1st puzzlement: I have purchased and successfully installed and activated Windows Vista Ultimate. When I "right click">drag>"create shortcut here" from a file my shortcuts have a suffix added: " - shortcut" : This happened with a previous install of Vista as well so I thought it was normal behavior, like the "Shortcut to" prefix in XP. I've been searching all day for a solution but I'm not even sure this is default behavior as I can find no references to this happening. Is this normal? Does anyone know how I can kill the suffix from occuring? 2nd puzzlement: I have set up 4 user accounts for my family. All the icons on their desktops look normal until I hover over them, at which point a checkbox appears on the icon overlay. The box becomes checked when I actually click on the icon: This seems weird and wacky. Is it also normal? Is anyone else experiencing this and does anyone know if this can be changed? 3rd puzzlement: I would love to put a "Switch User" icon on my desktop so that I can stay logged in but leave my pc at the logon screen for the next user. I have found instructions and created a "lock user" shortcut but that doesn't allow other users to log in. Helpeth me please! I've been Googling all day on these three quandaries without any result. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  4. I also am dual booting, although I have Vista on its own partition. I didn't test deleting any system files, but I have no problem deleting other (ex. program files) on that partition. So while I'm not sure, I doubt that your Vista install alone has caused your problem. Sorry, I realize that's not exactly a helpful answer, but it may point you in the right direction. If you end up at a dead end, you should be able to salvage the non-vista files from within Vista by resizing your partition on the fly, creating a new partition, and moving your non-Vista files there so that you can delete the Vista partition. I'm really curious why as to why you didn't create a second partition in the first place. Not being critical, just curious.
  5. Thats hilarious. I actually work at a John Deere industrial dealership and I can't wait to show that to the guys at work, they'll get a laugh out of it. Wish I could download the file, though.

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