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  1. Bugs?



    11,wbem,wbemprox.dll,"1 ; this needs to be the last core dll registered" ; this needs to be the last core dll registered


    "whqlprov.mof ; wmi provider for whql to get driver signing info. a-kjaw" ; wmi provider for whql to get driver signing info. a-kjaw







    and few more " put in unusual places (use compare in Total Commander for example)



    (fixed my mistake)

    And one more question




    "%11%\rundll32.exe %11%\wpd_ci.dll","DoCmd remove rescan"

    in 1.2.3


    "%11%\rundll32.exe %11%\wpd_ci.dll,DoCmd remove rescan"

    (the other line with WMPNetwk is fixed properly)

    Isn't it now ( incorect? Or it WAS incorect and now is fixed?

    It's ok in 1.2.3

  2. Great guide!

    I just thought it would be nice to share my idea that just struck me.

    I needed my addon to get a smaller final size to fit in my XPCD. My Office CD is in swedish so I couldn't use the "office shrinker".

    Here's what I did:

    1. Copy the Office2003 setup folder (after nr. 4 in post 1) to a shared folder that you use with your virtual environment (virtualbox, vmware...)

    2. Install Office2003 from the setup folder in your shared folder (using the commands described in (5) in post 1) in your virtual environment.

    3. When the install is complete, search for all files (*.*) in the Office2003 setup folder and check the last accessed time on the files.

    4. Delete all files that weren't accessed at the time of the Office2003 install!

    5. Continiue at (5) in post 1!

    Tested and working!

    My addon just shrunk from 206mb to 112mb! :D

    Edit: The addon worked flawlessly :)

    Edit2: Tried to clear things out, my writing sucks :thumbdown


    You CAN use Office Shrinker with ANY language!

    Simply modify lines in shrinker ini that are for Retry and Cancel (IIRC) to your language



    AND PUT & before the letter that is used for shortcut (disable "hide underscore until i press ALT" in prosperities od desktop / looks / effects to check which ones!)

    In example above it would be

    "l" and "m"

  3. EDIT

    WBEM problems fixed in

    Checked and it works properly now.

    Old post;


    Look here


    The problem is also in nLite

    I didn't make any more test with nLite, but if you didn't modify any other files you will also have errors logged in



    ENGLISH wbemoc.inf file with proper fix


    Use it after nlite 1.4.5.

  4. The modifications made by WMP11Splipstreamer 1.2 to wbemoc.inf in [WBEM.SYSTEMMOFS] section are unnesesarty and you can see this in log files;

    ERROR: GetStandardMofs failed to locate file C:\WINDOWS\system32\WBEM\napclientprov.mof,napprov.mof.


    More on that SP3 fix here:


    I wrote about that and linked on 22nd page of this thread.

    Simply my recomendation was overlooked so this time I posted it in all 3 threads ;)

    It's bug report for developers of WMP11 Splipstreamer - they will know what it is about.

  5. 1.2

    (I'm posting it in 3 places so it won't be overlooked)

    I dont think that second instance of:



    should be modified like the first

    I think that this part should stay as it is:





    whqlprov.mof ; wmi provider for whql to get driver signing info. a-kjaw







    The first is in COPY files section and is indeed missing 8.3 filename. So the instaler dont know from what 8.3 file copy that long filename files.

    But second is in section that doesn't copy files and there are other not 8.3 names:


    there is no need to add references for source files in this section.




    Modified 2 instances (like 1.2 slipstreamer do)

    (Tue May 20 05:34:31 2008): Beginning Wbemupgd.dll Registration

    (Tue May 20 05:34:31 2008): Current build of wbemupgd.dll is 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2108)

    (Tue May 20 05:34:31 2008): Beginning Core Upgrade

    (Tue May 20 05:34:31 2008): ERROR: GetStandardMofs failed to locate file C:\WINDOWS\system32\WBEM\napclientprov.mof,napprov.mof.

    (Tue May 20 05:34:31 2008): ERROR: GetStandardMofs failed to locate file C:\WINDOWS\system32\WBEM\napclientschema.mof,napschem.mof.

    (Tue May 20 05:34:31 2008): Beginning MOF load

    (Tue May 20 05:34:31 2008): Processing C:\WINDOWS\system32\WBEM\cimwin32.mof

    One (like I recomended)

    (Tue May 20 03:48:43 2008): Beginning Wbemupgd.dll Registration

    (Tue May 20 03:48:43 2008): Current build of wbemupgd.dll is 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2108)

    (Tue May 20 03:48:43 2008): Beginning Core Upgrade

    (Tue May 20 03:48:43 2008): Beginning MOF load

    (Tue May 20 03:48:43 2008): Processing C:\WINDOWS\system32\WBEM\cimwin32.mof

    And they show properly in



    (Tue May 20 03:49:25 2008.1242797) : Finished compiling file:C:\WINDOWS\system32\WBEM\napclientprov.mof

    (Tue May 20 03:49:25 2008.1242807) : Przetwarzanie pliku MOF: C:\WINDOWS\system32\WBEM\napclientschema.mof

    (Tue May 20 03:49:25 2008.1242857) : Finished compiling file:C:\WINDOWS\system32\WBEM\napclientschema.mof

    See page 22 for more info.

  6. When I run WMP11 Integrator with all the hotfixes I have the following issues..

    1) The Winnt.sif settings for [Display] do not work - first boot defaults to 640x800

    2) Upon first login I get the following popup

    Title = "Advanced INF Install"

    Text = "Error creating process <C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\WMPEnc.exe /RegServer>. Reason: The system cannot find the file specified"

    If I click OK and go to "C:\program files\Windows Media Player" there are only 11 files and 2 Folders for a total of 3.5MB

    Info : The SP3 install without WMP11 works fine

    I'm getting the exact same results.

    FIXED by puting modified wbemoc.inf AFTER WMP11 splipstreaming



    unpack wbemoc.in_ (for example in WinRAR or use command line "expand wbemoc.in_" ) to:


    Modify in notepad (note that file is in UNICODE, some notepad replacements may have problems,use uni2asci or simply "save as" ASCI in notepad then edit, windows will not have any problems with asci file)








    so it will looks like this:







    (the first shown ones only, more or less in the middle,don't modify lines at the very end)

    cab it back

    "makecab wbemoc.inf"

    put on CD.

    Don't use english version if you use non-english one as ONE string is local

    PL for example



    WBEM_TIP = "Instrumentacja zarządzania Windows"

    English versions already modified, info and all credits goes to people here:


    Fixed for me that error during install, lack of firewall and access error in net connections

    taskkill error "class not registered" etc.

    English file in ZIP'ed attachement:


  7. Here's an odd one. I noticed the size of my merged driver.cab file for SP2 in Nlite 1.4.1 is 60,970,848 bytes (58.1 MB). With 1.4.5 beta2 that shoots up to 65,520,766 bytes (62.4 MB). The contents of both CAB files are identical, it just doesn't seem to be compressing them as well.

    I'm using the same exact .INI file for both runs. Maybe the "High Compression" option isn't being passed to the CAB compressor in the beta? I probably wouldn't have noticed except my resulting CD only has about 1 meg to spare and this chews up 3 meg.

    Thanks for a great tool!

    I can confirm that in beta 1 cabed driver.cab was also bigger than in 1.4.1

    Didn't have chance to check beta2 - I will do it tomorrow probably and report.

  8. Some googling found some info on rlslog but it was for **** version

    1. Install Nero in trial mode.

    2. After Install run Nero Control Center

    (usually is located in Start -> All Programs -> Nero 8 -> Nero Toolkit -> Nero Control Center)

    3. ************************* serial for Nero 8 Ultra Edition, and enter it in License tab in Control Center.

    4. ****************** Nero 8 Patent Activation, ******* serial and enter it in License tab in Control Center.

    5. Do same steps for SecurDisc Activation.

    Thats all, Nero should be now completely activated.

    "bad words" deleted for obvious reason.

    You could check you-know-what "for testing purposes only" on VMvare/VirtualPC instalation (free legal XP and Vista 30day test images:



    if it works / or if Nero try to call some files that are missing on Lite/Micro or/and phone home with some kind of tcp/ip sniffer?

  9. WIN XP PRO VLK SP2 Polish

    1.4.5 beta doesn't completly integrate those hotfixes for me:


    2005-12-10 21:47 5˙223˙664 KB900725.exe

    2006-05-14 09:30 4˙712˙760 KB908531.exe

    2006-12-02 13:10 693˙048 KB914440.exe

    2006-12-02 12:24 694˙584 KB920213.exe

    2007-04-29 13:08 1˙653˙560 KB925876.exe

    2007-05-13 21:54 1˙273˙736 KB927891.exe

    It put them into svcpack folder and adds entries to svcpack.inf - so it works - BUT 1.4.1 Final and earlier versions integrated them completly.

    (and I can also integrate them manualy by using /integrate:INSTALL_FILES_PATCH switch)

    The only operations done are:

    Clean SP2 source (ziped archive used in many many working builds)

    WMP11 0.991 + hotfixes (noWGA)


    nLite with only those:

    -hotfixes option (Winins3.1v2,IE7+2hotfixes,+~120 normal hotfixes)



    Everything works but those ~20MB are precious if you use BTS and .NET on CD.



    Also many files are left on CD uncompressed. Making I386 next 20MB bigger in 1.4.5 beta

    for example:




    lhmstsc.chm , exe, dll ,mui



    xpnetdg.exe, xsl

  10. I would like to have an option to instal all BTS drivers on computer after Windows instalation.

    So I tried your program.

    The default hardware.xml isn't the best suited for this task (works much better for unpacked drivers on USB) but not a problem for me :)

    The most problematic is method

    "RegistryDevicePath and SetupCopyOemInf"

    The first one limit 4096 isn't enouhg for more than one big pack (like DP LAN/ WLAN..)

    My solution 1 - make 8 folders each with its own hardware and exe and pack and launch all of them from bat sequentially

    LONG as on each unnesesary start and detection is requied....

    Proposed solution :

    Ability in your program to treat drivers in 'packets' with <4096 long patch - by automaticaly checking if limit was exceded

    or by ability for user to select option []treat each packed archive as 1 pack to test : unpack and repeat with new RegistryDevicePath without simple and avacend device detection routine each time.

    Option 2 SetupCopyOemInf takes SOOOOOOO long....

    Is't it possible to use the same method as in BTS pack in method2?

    A small program to scan all unpacked directories for *.inf files and making a one file to scan/or something like this I don't remember exacly how that works ?

  11. Yes, he did remove: "Pomoc i wsparcie" - its Help and Support

    Maybe something else too.

    ;# Aplikacje #
    Gry internetowe
    ;# Multimedia #
    Media Center
    Movie Maker
    Przykładowa muzyka
    ;# Opcje systemu operacyjnego #
    Asystent wyszukiwania
    Centrum zabezpieczeń
    DR Watson
    Foldery skompresowane (ZIP)
    Narzędzie do usuwania Blaster/Nachi
    Pomoc i wsparcie
    Samouczek systemu Windows
    ;# Sieć #
    Kreator połączeń internetowych
    Outlook Express
    Windows Messenger
    ;# Usługi #
    Usługa 'IMAPI CD-Burning COM'
    Usługa indeksowania
    Usługa 'Przywracanie systemu'
    ;# Kompatybilność #

  12. Computers with Win XP (normal not nLited or anything) on which Share Internet Connection is enabled has similiar problems - do you share internet using that PC by any chance? If not please disregard this.

  13. I'm using nLite beta 1.4

    Polish WinXp Pro SP2.

    Made 10-13 CD-RW attempts starting with fresh source each time.

    I'm user of BTS driver packs (To this date I made many many successful fully unattended CD's) and lately they grow up so much that fitting it on one 700MB CD is impossible.

    So I wanted to delete some not needed things - help files/manual install/indexing service/music examples

    Everything worked BUT I got WFP/SFC popup.

    So I started investigating. Used fresh SP2 and nLite only - nothing else.

    Tested on live box - Cell 1GHz 256MB RAm 10GB HDD not in VMware.

    WFP/SFC popups if ANY components removed (and only components removed - only this selected in "task selection" nothing else) for example indexing service.

    Pupup after: first after install and when inserting new hardware (PCI network card), running autopatcher...

    Also had WFP/SFC popups on 2 CD's I made by integrating (ONLY integrating no removals) KIE7 WMP11 and ~20hotfixes.

    Pupup after: first after install and when inserting new hardware (PCI network card), running autopatcher...

    It seems that sfcfiles.dll (cabed as sfcfiles.dl_) is improperly ? patched with files list.

    Or those modifications are not working ?

    Hotfixes only sfcfiles differences between original and after nLite


    indexing service removed only


    All 3 sfcfiless.dll's from polish XP Pro SP2 attached in this post.

    I can test somewhat fast (1h :) any beta version if you are interested.


  14. Anybody tried to modify IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe with older version of update.exe ?

    If you extract update says that it doesnt support integrate from extracted archives.

    Is it possible to exchange file inside those exe cab-commpressed files?

    about *older beta* IE7:

    abut update does NOT support /q /n /z switches, you can try place the update.exe with a older version of it, I tried extacting the update.exe file from KB873333.exe and replace it, it works fine for me without prompting for WGA, and the /q /z switches works perfect"




    After some checking I discovered that it will probably not work.

    What update.exe is displaying depends on


    [if you delete it update.exe /? will show integrate.etc.]

    This file contains WGA check, patchs , etc.

    messing with update.inf wont work [hash check]

    and deleting iecustom.dll hangs instalation

    changing it to different file[from some diff updates] DESTROYED my system - IE instaled partialy but many important files were overwriten and win shell didn't start [taskmenager worked so cmd, add&uninstal shortcut in one dir I had too, so I reverted system]


    It seems we will need custom instalator.... :(

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