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  1. well, after all this time, first of all i want to thank you jaclaz for your time and dedication on this taking advantage of the time i was off traveling, i left the drive to be check at a data recovery center which make diagnostics for free. they use pc-3000 tools and some pretty nice stuff. they found damaged sectors on the disk's surface, so using pc-3000 they managed to recover like 90% of the data which is really great at this point. in this center they also perform disk repairs and they told me that this disk is a beautiful brink, in fact one of the guys at the administration after hearing part of my conversation with the technician, asked me for the disk to use the platters as decoration for they huge "disk parts" xmas tree ............................... so well, it seems that this disk is really a damaged and again thanks for your time !! this is my last seagate drive and i also will sell my other seagate 7200.11 of 750 gbs on ebay for sure, i experience the same with that other disk too, in fact they recommend me to get any +500gb samsung disk or caviar black models by wd. best!
  2. got it! i will try to recover this files in a few days, i had to do a short business trip and i'll be back to home in wednesday next week to work this out... in the meantime i will try to figure out how to save these new files i have to export to bring them back here... the last one i did copy it into a floppy, but these new files are bigger than 1.44mb so its kind of difficult for me to copy them to a hard drive or an usb stick without zip them because i cant figure out how can i get any drive besides the C: A: and B: recognized by the DOS mounted in the RamDrive, even if i have other hds connected...
  3. I think the nearest solution could be MHDD because at this time i don't have access to another bigger drive for at least a few days, other computer maybe but still a few days looking for it and taking it for testing for at least a day o two...Linux for me is not solution, never used it and never saw it how it works...i do use any MS OS and any MAC OS but not linux, ubuntu and any other os. So here is what TOF command gave me back, hope is ok because MHDD gave a very very small file as result... also i forgot to add .dat extension but i think it can be the same to add it later.. here is the file: SEAGATEM.zip
  4. thanks again, anyway i moved on with that second option LockDismount.exe... 1) of all soon as i boot after a while windows showed me that message which says that he couldn't install the device... 2) i succesfully open Disk Management under safe mode. Here is what it showed me after more than 10 min gathering the HDs info... you can see there that the drive is in "correct" state and in File System says only RAW, also shows the drive partition size i used to have 465.75 GB meaning in some way that it can recognize some data of the old partition...i think.. 3) after i close Dsk Management i ran the LockDismount tool to Lock and dismount the drive, which it did successfully...it also took his time to open the soft, read the drives and perform the lock dismount operation, but not as much as dskmanagemt 4) with the drive locked and unmounted i open the HD hacker but i got same result as last time : 5) so then i was the turn of Tiny Hex which it gave this result after i tried to open the device in both ways (in the devices menu it shows the \\.\PhysicalDrive and \\.\PhysicalDrive (partition 1) which both resulted in same msg) System Error. Code:1117. Request can't be done because of I/O device error 6) after all this errors i unlocked the drive successfully with LockDismount tool again just to left everything as it was... so well again, i think this is another dead end
  5. what's your idea that i should run with that ?? i mean which command ?
  6. My mistake, i choose the wrong words...yes all my HD are SATA2 . Last time was a program failure when it didn't recognized the HD on the first run, who knows why, now it works perfectly and reads all my hds. Its kind of "sad" news for me that isn't LBA 0, i was wishing this wasn't something too complicated now im really worried about a real electrical or mechanical failure. Anyway, i was able to perform a Smart Check and 2 different Scans (saved all in 1 log file) with MHDD. The first scan was made under default parameters and with this range LBA scan: 0 to 3000 and all was ok, so i wen a little deeper and re-do the scan with a bigger range of LBA scan: 0 to 9999999 (less than 1% of the total LBAs) and lots of errors where found. MHDD marked them in the screen as purple " ! ". I didn't perform any kind of fix, erase, relocation and/or any kind of WRITING into the disk with this soft. Here i left you attached the LOG files of the Smart check and Scans. Hope they help... MHDD.zip SMART.zip Thanks again for all your help
  7. Well as i have win7 dskprobe.exe isn't avil as default soft in the os so i tried with MDHH I got a little trouble in the internal wiring of the hds (none was recognized by the tool) until i disconnect every disk (i have 4 but im using only 2 the main os drive and the failty one for test) and left only the 7200.11 as primary master (which isn't its regular connection) and boot from the cd you gave me. I tried to left at least one disk more besides the 7200.11 because i wanted to save the screenshot in a physical drive but i wasn't able because i ran the soft from the cd. Besides conecting it as primary master was the only way that MDHH recognized the HD as connected. Once it was properly wired i got this results: in the upper left side i got highlighted only these two DRSC and DRDY After the EID command i got this as result: ST3500320AS LBA: 976,773,168 BIOS:80H SN: 5QM0ZWCX FW:SD15 Supports: LBA48 HPA DLMC LBA MSI6 DMA (UDMA6, MWDAMZ) S.M.A.R.T: Enable SelfTest: Supported Errorlog: Supported Security: high, Off Size: 476940 MB hope this helps for something..
  8. Thanks jaclaz for your reply! I did unplug my other HDs and left my primary WD with the OS and the faulty 7200.11 plugged in. i ran in Safe Mode (only way to run windows with that Seagate hd pluged because if i run normal mode, besides taking too long to book, once it log ins windows stays like "thinking" state hanged out trying to "install" this apparently unaccessible drive) Once in Safe Mode i run Hdhacker but when i tried to read that disk i got "impossible to read sector on the disk" with any of the program options, so i don't know what else to do...
  9. Well another fresh topic about the sadly old news... My main issue here is that i need help into identifying my problem. I have a ST3500320AS with a SD15 firmware. I have only one partition on that disk and is a secondary drive, not os on it. The problem started once i was using it under Win7 and suddenly when i tried to access a folder via win explorer and the navigation became **** too low, strange i though because it always worked great. After rebooting i was able to see the folder tree but no accessing any of the folder inside. After a 2nd reboot the disc was shown in "my pc" but without any normal info such as total space or free space avil that windows shows in a blue bar... also unaccessible, so i wasn't able to schedule chkdsk from windows to the next reboot. So I booted from win7 install dvd and chkdsk gave me back the msg "chkdsk doesn't support RAW drivers and cannot be read" (don't remember the exact msg but the idea is that the disk is in a RAW format). After this and an increasing heart rate, i run HDD Regenerator and the first message i got from it was that the MBR need to be rebuild, but the program didn't do it, also i started a Prescan (which is fast) to get a general status and ALL sectors of the disk where found as bad ones. Then i run the Full Scan/Repair Scan and found again all those bad sectors, fixed none and also the remaining time counter said that it will take something like 6 years to finish...of course after 2 and a half hour i stopped as it founded in 3 gbs like 18k of bad sectors and none repaired. Having in mind the MBR message i got from HDD Regenerator i run bootsect.exe utility from windows dvd in order to rebuild it but with absolutely no success. Having my head about to explode i investigated a little more about 7200.11 errors i found the big post in this forum (i read it all, yes it took a while) about LBA0 and BSY but in any part of the thread i found a real way to have a full diagnose of a LBA0 error. While im waiting to have the necessary parts to perform the LBA0 fix i wanted to know if it really is that error that im having. I know that BSY error isn't my case because my hd is shown in the BIOS at all times, never disappeared, in some cases windows taked too long to boot with the drive plugin in but finally after a while i can see but non accessible. So it left me only with the possibility of the LBA 0 error (or electronic error) which as i said i cant diagnose because my BIOS doesn't show me the disk capacity in sectors in other words i can't see an "LBA 0" or "0Gbs" message anywhere (is there a way to check this with a tool or something just to be sure about it?), which it makes me doubt about if this is the case too. I also run a test with Seatools for DOS and the drive doesn't pass the DST in the short test and with the long test founds a lot of bad sectors but as HDD Regenerator repaired none! I also downloaded the SD1A firmware but i didn't updated it yet because im afraid to lock the this forever and if it really is the LBA 0 problem not being able to fix it with this firmware installed. But if LBA error is not my case, would a firmware update fix this ? So well, the data inside that disk is extremely important to me and my biggest concern is not to know about what's wrong with this hd and if can save at least a part of the data inside. I don't care about loosing the drive in the process, i was also about to replace it for a bigger one anyway, but i mostly care about not loosing data. After reading a looot of great post here i found some answers but i never related exactly with my problem which it makes me a bad feeling about this. If someone can help me to find out what's happening with this HD would be really **** great.