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  1. Thanks for considering my question. I'm new here and am hoping to tap into the wisdom of crowds about registry repair software. I've been doing some research on registry repair software and have found quite a bit of conflicting information. I've found tons (probably 25 or more) "review" websites that claim to review different registry repair options. I found that most of them recommend a small group of registry repair programs, that other (seemingly more legitmate) sources have claimed to be very poor programs. The "top rated" programs also happen to be the ones with the highest paid commissions with their affiliate programs (smells fishy). I'm thoroughly convinced that these "review" sites (at least a lot of them) are clearly biased (and provide virtually no helpful information). I've heard from some that in most cases these registry repair packages cause more problems that they fix. As such, I'm looking for some experts that have actually had some experience with registry cleaners or have done it on their own. Which, if any, of the registry cleaners on the market actually do a good job (in terms of effective cleaning as well as safety. It would need to be easy to use, however)?Or do you believe that most are junk and are out to get your money? What I don't want is a bunch of plugs by the companies, so please, only post if you have a good number of previous posts on the forum. All your recommendations and commentary are well appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  2. hello sometimes the position of desktop icons is altered, especially after crash-and-restart (can't remember other situations, but it seems to happen commonly) this can be annoying, since the topography of my desktop icons is essential, because I place specific icons in specific order and position in the desktop to organize them, to remind me tasks to do, etc is there any technique to fasten the desktop icons to their positions? a winxp trick or a desktop replacement? (although I would prefer the first way) thanks
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