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  1. I have tried a lot of packages (All In One, True) and they all fail to install without errors in the Event Viewer. I still got the issue with the DNF30\update folder if anyone could help, I would be grateful. Thanks
  2. The log says nothing that's clearly pointing to a failure of access and I can use xcopy from the cmdline I opened to run the script by trying a simple xcopy file.txt C:\. I am starting to run out of ideas, any help would be appreciated. I have attached a list of all the files that are in my directory and my .ini settings are the following: PROCESSDNF11=NO PROCESSDNF20=NO PROCESSDNF3520=YES PROCESSDNF3530=YES PROCESSDNF3535=YES TARGETOS=2K3 T13ADDONS=YES ROEADDONS= ALSOINSTALLERS=YES MERGEFXS=YES SILENT= COMPRATIO= What's in between has been left to default. Thanks
  3. OK, after reading the posts regarding thx4thepen issue, it seems that I have the same problem regarding Xcopy. I will try to elevate the cmd box from which I run the script to see if xcopy will succeed. Update: I've ran the script with an elevated cmd interface and \DNF30\XPS is still empty. I will check the process log that it will generate.
  4. Hi guys, I'm trying to install the merged package from nLite or through RunOnce and I always seem to get the same error. Do you guys have any clue on what I'm doing wrong? I've noticed the XPS path, does this have anything to do with the KB that's needed for 3.5 integration? Update: I've extracted my 2K3DNF20SP230SP235SP1.exe and I see the folder XPS in DNF30 but the folder is empty. Thanks! FYI, this is for Windows Server 2003R2 SP2 32bits en-us with a butt load of updates that are slipstreamed with nLite.