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  1. Hi, just wondering if Nvidia SATARAID drivers are installed TXTMODE drivers to automatically find your RAID array during setup like it was in nlite for XP? I ask because I integrated the latest 15.00 driver set for X64 Vista for my Nforce4 AMD based chipset and upon starting the installation my RAID array wasn't detected as being available to install Vista on. If I manually load the exact driver I integrated using vlite from a usb flash drive however it finds the array np. Just curious if that is how it is suppose to work or if I'm missing something. Thanks.
  2. thanks for the patience and continued support on this matter Nuhi. I know you must be quite frustrated and had enough of this whole **** nvraid business. I am glad we at least have an option with the $OEM$ whereas before we had nothing. If you could get it to work without the manual directory structure then by all means please see what you can do. If you need a tester I am always ready and willing.
  3. let me know how you make out Fernando. Your method on the first page works FANTASTIC. I too had endless reboots yesterday if I did nothing but integrate normally. After following Fernando 1's easy instructions on the first page to my already created image I was into my new windows is near minutes without a hiccup. Good work Nuhi and Fernando, you have made my day and my formats much better to look forward to.
  4. if that is the case then it seems we are on the right track with this and of course you know best so I will not challenge you on your findings. I hope whatever ideas you have gathered from Fernando 1 can be used in the future to remedy this once and for all. The Nvidia chipsets perform well when setup right however they have their fair share of issues minus their drivers. Sometimes I think they should have just stuck to video cards.
  5. Hi Nuhi, I am terribly sorry for having you think it was YOU who was doing something wrong. I did not mean this at all, I just found it weird that same drivers work with beta 4 but not beta 5 using same method. I just thought maybe something was changed that might have been brought to mind through Fernando 1's testing. Either way I am glad it was sorted and I know it is the Nvidia drivers at fault. I look forward to the next version with the introduced sif method and hope that works without any manual changes from the user. Keep up the great work, thanks and sorry again.
  6. THANK YOU! Very good of you Fernando 1. I will surely give this a try. I am sure this info will be helpful to Nuhi in future releases. Whatever happened in beta 5 im sure will be fixed in the next release as you proved beta 4 works fine. Perhaps the info you just stated can be automatically done by nlite in the future with the created of directories, placing of files etc. I will give this a try shortly and let you know!
  7. Very nice Fernando 1! I am very much appreciative of your hard work and efforts in getting this thing on its way to being settled. Please let Nuhi know everything you tried and came up with so perhaps he can figure out a way to complete Nlite don't what it is having problems doing now. I have just seen your other post about the resolution so am going to have a look. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you Fernando 1. I will give a good look at what you suggested and give it a try. Like I said earlier I have no problem being a tester as well if needed. Anyone have ideas or an update to nlite let me know and I can first hand see how it does. Why don't I use F6 with floppy? Becaues I have no floppy in my system and I don't want to get one so I can access 2 files maybe once every six months. Nlite was working perfectely for imbedding textmode drivers before the nvidia ones came around. If I come up with anything I will let you guys know and please do the same for me. Thank you.
  9. see now I don't know what to do. I hear differnet things from different people. I want to be able to integrate the SATA RAID drivers via textmode in nlite WITHOUT having to make any changes. When I had Silicon Image and Promise RAID I never had an issue like I do with this nvidia raid. If there is no way to do it without making changes then I guess I am SOL UNLESS Fernando you would be so kind as to send me any modified files you used and let me know where to put them so I can have no further troubles. If 6.66 doesn't work no matter what but you know that 6.53 works in at least one way please drop me a PM with detailed instructions so as to not clutter this thread anymore than it is. I really would appreciate it as I have useless windows running now and don't want to format unless I know its going to work. I would like to have the best install possible as I don't do it often. Thanks.
  10. Hi Fernando 1, so if you feel 6.66 is a bad driver from Nvidia are you agreeing with blank that the RAID drivers from 6.53 pack will integrate properly with Nlite? Have you successfully done so with the drivers from 6.53 yourself without issue? I ask because 6.66 is the first driver I tried and don't want to waste my time making another cd and formatting unless I know for sure the older version is fine. If worse comes to worse I will use the raid driver from 6.53 and everything else from the 6.66 pack. I appreciate your time in replying. Thank you.
  11. thank you for the reply blank. Did you integrate drivers normally through nlite to get it to work or was there something else you did? Perhaps it is just 6.66. I will try 6.53 later and hope for better results. Anyone else have success with latest build of nlite and 6.53 nvidia raid drivers on NF4 setup? I am using DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D.
  12. Hi, I am having this exact same issue as of this morning. I haven't made an nlited windows CD in quite awhile so thought I would try a newly made one on a fresh format. I too am using 32 bit windows with Nforce4 6.66 package. The making of the cd goes without a hitch including the integration of the two needed Nvidia RAID Drivers. Windows sets up and installs flawless as well with no error messages however upon the final reboot when windows goes to load itself the system reboots. It will do this endlessly until I shut it off. Upon each reboot I get the boot menu asking me if I want to safe mode, last known good configuration etc however no matter which I chose the system reboots. I take it this is the exact issue you are describing above? It seems you have no ideas either or you wouldn't be asking for help like I am however I need to know, does this only occur in newly released 6.66 driver or does the older 6.53 driver do the same thing? If it is only the new drivers I have no problems making another cd with the older drivers however if it is going to be the same then I will have to hold off. I am sad as everything seemed to be going so smoothly until the very last post and boot of my system. If anyone has ANY ideas for a fix or an alternative method to get my nlite cd to install with the latest nvidia raid drivers integrated on the cd please do share as I am desperate. I have no floppy in my computer so this is the only way I can do this. I have copied the raid drivers onto my bootable flash but of course windows installation won't check any media but an A:\ floppy drive for the needed files. I am glad I am not the only one but I hope a fix can be found as I will be very greatful. Besides this set back nlite is perfect for my needs. I am more than willing to be a beta tester for any fixes that get conjured up. I will leave the newly created nvidia raid array as is incase a fix comes available that I can reinstall with. Thanks a bunch.
  13. That sounds awesome. Can you do the same for the nforce chipset drivers?
  14. I didn't have to do anything of the sort. I downloaded the latest drivers for my 3114 chipset and when integrated came up as text mode right off the bat. Did the usual business with nlite then burned.
  15. I tested this on my 3114 controller last night and it works fine. I look forward to this being realeased uncrippled so I can make another image. There was some other goodies I seen while testing that I think everyone will enjoy with the new release...

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