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  1. Seagate ES.2 750Gb failure

    Hi Jaclaz, Thanks for the reply. I guess I am at the stage where I am clutching at straws and just didn't want to face facts that my data has gone. I don't have the money to pay the data recovery guys so I guess trying the BSY maybe worth a go but my feeling is because of the clicking noise that I don't really stand a chance of getting my data back. Cheers again and sorry if I sounded desperate. John.
  2. Seagate ES.2 750Gb failure

    Hi BlouBul, Thanks for getting back to me, I take it I need to follow part of the 7200.11 method in order to get the hyper terminal connection to the drive? Also with what jaclaz said about the clicking noise do you think it is worthwhile me trying the BSY method? I am not saying jaclaz is wrong far from it I just want to see if it is worth spending money on a drive that just maybe dead? Also are there any other methods I can try to get my data back without having to send it to data recovery people? I appreaciate you guys getting back to me. Cheers John
  3. Seagate ES.2 750Gb failure

    NO. The clicking noise should mean that the drive is dead. You may try the given BSY and LBA0 fix, in the hope that being substantially a "reset" of the disk, they help, but I doubt it. To repair a "simple" click problem you need specific tools (around US $ 3.000 lat time I checked) and quite a bit of knowledge (at least a couple courses to use the tools) . If it cannot be resolved WITHOUT opening the disk, you need several more thousands bucks of tools and a several years knowledge and practice (which definitely you cannot "buy" or get in a small time) Clicking noise can be due to almost *anything*. The good news are that attempting the BSY "fix" won't probably do any further damage, the bad news are that if there is a mechanical problem and the heads are actually hitting a platter, every second the drive is ON a little bit of data may be lost forever. jaclaz So basically I am stuffed, do you know if the freeze trick would help enoght to get my data back? John.
  4. Seagate ES.2 750Gb failure

    NO. jaclaz Hi jaclaz, Any idea on how I can get access to my data. I should have also said it was a Seagate Barracuda ES.2 Cheers John.
  5. Hi Guys, I have a Seagate ES.2 750Gb SATA drive that has just failed. I get a clicking noise from it and it doesn't show up on the bios. Do you think the BSY fix wll resolve my issue? Model - ST3750330NS Firmware listed on the drive label - SN05 Any help will be really great. Cheers John.