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  1. Winsxs (component cache) feature remove

    Are you suggesting Win8.1 as an alternative to Win7 or WinVista? Because that option is out; my brother's machines won't run Win8 *at all*, and if I'm running a MSWindows VM on my Linux systems, I want it to be as lightweight and pared-down as possible, since it would only be to run one or two applications that can't be used under Wine.
  2. Winsxs (component cache) feature remove

    So since vLite is no longer being supported (and never really worked right in the first place), what is there for an alternative for cleaning out all the cr(uft) out of WinVista? Since XP is going out of support this coming April, I need something to replace it on my brother's machines. Which means either telling him he's going to have to migrate to Linux (my preferred option anyway), or find some way to severely decrappify Vista (which I have licences for from salvaged machines). A third alternative would be to find dirt-cheap ($25-35) copies of Win7 Basic since, again, I don't want all the MS-bundled junk, and prefer using my own choice of media players, text editors, browser, mail client, DVD-writer, image editor, etc. when I build a MSWin system.
  3. Editable path not editable

    For the Windows Updates Downloader (2.50 build 1002), the download path shows up in a box that is supposed to be editable (as opposed to informational only). However, you cannot manually edit the path, and can only select a different download path by browsing for one. The path should either be set as an informational path only (as in, not in an edit box) or should be manually editable.