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  1. No. I never used nor Norton AV or Suite. What I have installed in my PC is: Firewall: Comodo AV: AdAware Free, Spybot & Search and Spyware blaster. In the good old days of DOS I loved Norton Commander, so in these days I use the Windows Commander and of course WE. The screenshots of the previous post were from ¨normal¨ Windows, so I do it again in ¨safe mode¨, but only in the partition ´I¨ because the others are working well. (I did a backup of the ¨J¨ to another disk). Well, in the firs run it told me: No se puede abrir el volúmen para acceso directo, something like ¨It can´t be open the volume for direct access¨. In a second run I obtain the same result that in the previous post: it hang in the middle. I was tempted to run ¨chkdsk I:\ /X¨but I interpreted that it was a third option if /F hangs. Tell me if I was wrong. In doubt I preferred to ask. Is only the I: partition that gives me problems. The ¨H¨ is empty (I intended to put there the swap file) and the ¨J¨works well. I keep waiting your advice. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello to all. I follow the indications of BlouBul and Jaclaz, and this are the results: To BlouBul: 1 - From Windows I can´t copy the contents of the directories, only the Name of the directory. 2 - Entering Safe Mode: YEEEESSSSS! I can see all the contents and I tried succesfully: docs, jpgs, flv, xls. Failed the avis when I opened them with Bsplayer (perhaps it haven´t load some driver). 3 - The primary drive (Disk 0) works well. To Jaclaz: 1 - I send you the screenshot of Disk Management: 2 - Running CHKDSK I had to reboot several times and this are the snapshots: From particion H From partition I it hang in the middle all the times: From partition J It seems to me that Windows (or other program) is blocking in some way the access to the disk. Thanks in advance.
  3. Last post in this thread. To BlouBul and jaclaz: Many thanks for your concern. I´ll do my homework and open a new thread called: QM NEEDS HELP WITH ST3500320AS-SD1A. Cheers
  4. Hi BlouBul I thank you for your fast answer. 1 - When I try to open folders, WE seems to hang, and after a couple of minutes return to show the directories without open them. 2 - When I open Properties it shows the right size AND shows the usage in both partitions. I have partitioned the disk in three partitions: a) 6 GB. to put in it the swap file. B) 228 Gb. for Data. c) 220 Gb. for Data. In B) and c) the usage is near the 90 %. I risk myself running HD Tune, Info Tab, and it shows the following: HD Tune: ST3500320AS Information Firmware version : SD1A Serial number : 5QM3W8X3 Capacity : 465.8 GB (~500.1 GB) Buffer size : n/a Standard : ATA/ATAPI-0 - SATA I Supported mode : UDMA Mode 6 (Ultra ATA/133) Current mode : UDMA Mode 6 (Ultra ATA/133) S.M.A.R.T : yes 48-bit Address : yes Read Look-Ahead : yes Write Cache : yes Host Protected Area : yes Device Configuration Overlay : yes Automatic Acoustic Management: no Power Management : yes Advanced Power Management : no Power-up in Standby : no Security Mode : yes Firmware Upgradable : yes Partition : 1 Drive letter : Label : Capacity : 8001 MB Usage : 0.00% Type : NTFS Bootable : No Partition : 2 Drive letter : Label : Capacity : 234464 MB Usage : 0.00% Type : NTFS Bootable : No Partition : 3 Drive letter : Label : Capacity : 234472 MB Usage : 0.00% Type : NTFS Bootable : No That´s all for now. Quique Villalba
  5. Hello to everyone. I´m new to this forum so I apolozie in advance for any mistake I should do in my posting. I live in Argentina and I bought a second PC with a SAMSUNG disk of 320 Gb. This happened in February 2009. This are the main data of the machine: Motherboard: ASUS M3N78-VM Processor: Athlon 64x2 dual 6000+ RAM 4 Gbytes Soon afterwards I discovered that it was short of disk space and in March 2009 I bought a second disk: a SEAGATE. This was a brand I trusted for many years ago but.... This are the data fron the label of the disk: Seagate Barracuda GT 7200.11 500 Gbytes S/N: ST3500320AS P/N: 98x154-305 Firware: SD1A Data Code:09264 Site Code: WUXISG WWN: 5000C50012328F2F Product made in China A week ago when I start up the PC in the morning, as ever, I din´t found the Seagate any more! It appeared in WExplorer but the directories only. When I try to open them nothing happens. I began, in great despair, to google and somewhere I read ¨bricked¨ and from there on I reach your site. After reading many pages I am in a really mess and I don´t know what to do. According with some of you, I noticed that it appeared in the POST correctly with 500 Gb, UDMA 6, etc. Going to the setup it appeared also with 500 Gb, SATA 2, etc. I take it off the PC, and tried it in my hand and it seems to me that it spin well, without any noises. In the site of Seagate it appeared that I have the last firmware update. Of course I don´t update for myself, it is as I bought it. I need a great help, I suppose. Can you help me?