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  1. When doing a scan for hardware changes it refreshes the device manager list, but nothing happens after that. What i've noticed is. It first starts with the VGA card, but when it found a driver it says Mobile Intel.... expres chipset. Also when i look under Display adapters it has one device named Mobile Intel 945GM express chipset familiy, i think this is wrong because there is still a video controller in the other devices list. Also when it has installed this driver a device with a strange name appears in the other devices list... -> JW804/7?... you can see it on the screenshot.
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to get this tool working on my laptop, which is a dell latitude d620. If everything is working ok i'm planning to use this tool to install drivers when deploying images. For my test machine, i've downloaded every driver from the dell site and unpacked the exe's. After that i changed some settings in hardware_config.xml like the driver path. Now i've started pro hardware installer. The first driver it installed was the VGA driver, but after that the tool was just sitting there and doing nothing... After 10 minutes of waiting i stopped the program. I have included my xml file and a screenshot. What am i doing wrong? Thanks :-) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <settings> <basic_configuration> <choice>Automatic</choice> <window_managing> <hardware_wizard> <wizard_use>Yes</wizard_use> <wizard_title>Found New Hardware Wizard</wizard_title> <wizard_button_cancel>Cancel</wizard_button_cancel> <wizard_button_next>Next</wizard_button_next> <wizard_button_finish>Finish</wizard_button_finish> </hardware_wizard> </window_managing> <share_configuration> <use_mapping>No</use_mapping> <map_network_drive> <drive_1> <share_path>\\\c$</share_path> <domain_username>EM\MadBoy</domain_username> <domain_password>SuperPass</domain_password> </drive_1> </map_network_drive> </share_configuration> <drivers> <drivers_method>New</drivers_method> <drivers_database_use>No</drivers_database_use> <drivers_database_recreate>No</drivers_database_recreate> <drivers_database_path>D:\Drivers\hardware_database.db</drivers_database_path> <drivers_directory_path>D:\Drivers</drivers_directory_path> <drivers_packed>No</drivers_packed> <drivers_copy>No</drivers_copy> <drivers_copy_path>C:\Drivers</drivers_copy_path> <drivers_copy_delete>No</drivers_copy_delete> <options> <method>RegistryDevicePath</method> <registry_path>Begin</registry_path> <problem_ids>01,10,18,24,28,37,39</problem_ids> <update_all>Yes</update_all> <plug_and_play> <option>Internal</option> <time_to_wait>5</time_to_wait> </plug_and_play> <shutdown> <auto_reboot_when_necessary>No</auto_reboot_when_necessary> <auto_reboot_when_done>No</auto_reboot_when_done> <auto_login>Yes</auto_login> <notify_when_done>Yes</notify_when_done> </shutdown> <time_to_run>0</time_to_run> <force_run>Yes</force_run> <device_manager>Yes</device_manager> </options> </drivers> <log> <log_overwrite>Yes</log_overwrite> <log_to_file>Yes</log_to_file> <log_filename_path>$ProgramDir\hardware.log</log_filename_path> <log_option>Simple</log_option> </log> <gui> <hide_legacy_devices>No</hide_legacy_devices> <fade_in_effect>No</fade_in_effect> <hide_views>No</hide_views> </gui> </basic_configuration> </settings> hardware.txt