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  1. Stop 07B blue screen message giving me a nervous breakdown

    Have now installed ethernet drivers to get internet back and used Easy BCD to restore Vista bootloader. Still have some yellow icons in the "Other Devices" category in Device Manager so will get the details and get these drivers separately. Many thanks for all yout time, patience and advice it is much appreciated. Incidentally, I still can't get the prog I need to run on XP but that's another story!!
  2. The original Sony Playstation

    Hi Have just acquired one of the original grey models. It is mechanically sound and came with controllers, mains adaptor video cable and games. The problem is that when I plug the RF cable into the TV I get no picture. Can someone advise please. Many thanks
  3. Stop 07B blue screen message giving me a nervous breakdown

    Many thanks again I'll try this evening and let you know how I get on.
  4. Stop 07B blue screen message giving me a nervous breakdown

    Hi again Just nipped home to check the hardware details: All the yellow signs are under the "Other Device" heading. Audio Device on HD Audio Bus HD AUDIO\FUNC_1002&DEV_AA01_SUBSYS_00AA0100 Audio Device on HD Ausio Bus as above Ethernet Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_294C&SUBSYS_0215028&DEV_02 PCI Simple Communications Contoller PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_2F20&SUBSYS_200F14F1&REV_00 There are others but it would have taken too long to write. I used the hardware category ID but I know there are others. Hope this helps.
  5. Stop 07B blue screen message giving me a nervous breakdown

    Many thanks for your speedy responses again. I'll get the details of the ethernet and others asap and get back to you. Thanks for clarifying the process of downloading drivers, however, when you select drivers from the DELL site it keeps initiating some sort of prerequisite prog like .Net etc and then eventually seems to install drivers onto the host PC rather than give me a chance to save onto USB Drive! I just wondered how driver files compared to other progs where you get the installation prog and then the application itslef. Would I be physically downloading the driver files and then just copying them or would I be promted to install etc. Sorry to keep labouring this point! Many thanks
  6. Stop 07B blue screen message giving me a nervous breakdown

    Many thanks for these responses. Apologies for the delay but the reason I “obviously have internet connection” is that I am posting responses from work!! Unfortunately the USB ports on my work PC are disabled so I visited my brothers yesterday to attempt to download necessary progs onto my USB Flash drive. My task was to download .Net 2, Easy BCD and missing drivers to restore Vista bootloader and get me back on the internet. I managed to find .Net and subsequently installed this on XP. However, the Easy BCD install prog I thought I’d saved was in fact some sort of download manager so when I got home and tried to run it tried to connect to the internet so I was stymied again! I’ll go back to my brothers later today and try to find a version I can install from the USB drive. The biggest problem was the DELL drivers needed. I have been to device manager and can confirm that the following items have yellow bang: “Other Devices”-2 *Audio, Ethernet, PCI Simple, Sim Bus, Video Controller, XPS Mini View. The Network controller is showing as green and functioning (IE1394). The main problem is getting the missing Dell drivers. Apart from the fact that there are no official XP drivers for the XPS 420 you also have to download another prog before the individual drivers (think it was Microsoft.Net) and this slows everything down. Can I also check my understanding here? Is downloading drivers different to downloading other files and progs? I.e. you don’t get the chance to save to a location as the system assumes that the drivers are for the PC you’re working on. If I can’t download the drivers onto my USB using my brothers PC then I have a problem. I suppose I can use Easy BCD to restore the Vista bootloader and then get onto the internet using Vista and then try and download onto the USB using my PC and then boot into XP and install them. Still frustrated and confused. Simon
  7. Stop 07B blue screen message giving me a nervous breakdown

    Hi again Just wondered if X or one of his colleagues might respond. Thanks Longshanks
  8. Stop 07B blue screen message giving me a nervous breakdown

    Many thanks for this clear and detailed response. 1. How would I get XP network drivers with no internet connection on my PC? 2. The prog is Jungleflasher. Can’t recall the version as I’m in work at the moment. I did some research and there were various links attributing this error when .Net is not installed etc. This would make sense as the tutorial refers to installing. Net 2.0 and Easy BCD from within XP. The tut link is http://apcmag.com/how_to_dual_boot_vista_and_xp_with_vista_installed_first__the_stepbystep_guide.htm Did you suggest installing Easy BCD from Vista? 3. Can I just recap on my drive situation? Used GParted to shrink Vista partition so that I now have C Drive with Vista, D Drive with progs but no OS, E and K which is now my 10 GB XP partition. I’m just getting confounded by the links between XP and Vista and their links to progs. I.e. Jungle flasher is on the D Drive so would I need to install any progs that I wish to run with XP on the XP partition? Also, all other things being equal, should I be able to connect to internet without having to add additional connections, contact my ISP etc etc. Many thanks for your interest and help. Simon
  9. Stop 07B blue screen message giving me a nervous breakdown

    Many thanks John and others.Your input is appreciated. Brief update: The intel text mode driver worked a treat so I was able to install XP when I included this in the nLite slipstream. Hower, I now have another serious problem. Stage 3 of the dual boot tutorial requires that I download and install Easy BCD to restore the Vista bootloader but I can't do that as XP does not have internet access. All my broadband connections and set up are with Vista!! Is there any way I can download the prog on someone elses PC and then somehow burn to CD which I can then run on my PC? If not can I use my Vista CD (never used this as Vista was preinstalled) to restore the bootloader? Even if I restore Vista bootloader is it possible to use XP as well as Vista to connect to the internet? How would that be accomplished? It's just a bit chicken and egg when the tut says "Once XP is up and running, download and install Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 and EasyBCD.."when you have no internet access!! Finally, I tried the prog that I wanted to run on XP and got an application error. "This application failed to initiate properly, 0xc0000135 click OK to terminate the application" Does this suggest that progs won't run on XP until Vistaboot loader is restored?? (This prog was on my D Drive which is the spare HDD). Apologies for the length of this but it's really one step forward and three steps back now!! Many thanks again Longshanks
  10. Stop 07B blue screen message giving me a nervous breakdown

    Yep I know-just my luck aint it. Can't run certain progs on Vista, purchased XP installation CD and now find it's almost impossible to dual boot XP and Vista on the XPS 420!! Instead of complaining I'm doomed I remain positive. However, the main sticky recommends using the Intel textmode driver as my chipset is ICH9R. Are we saying that this should work even with an XPS 420? I would also greatly appreciate some clarification on my bios query. Ie AO3 doesn't seem to give me an option to change from AHCI to IDE which works for many. I guess someone will say that this is bios is just as inflexible as the 420!! Thanks for your time. Longshanks
  11. Stop 07B blue screen message giving me a nervous breakdown

    Yes, you can, and with a very high success rate. And I'm thinking it's not a 078, but a 07B error message, which points exactly to the lack of / problem of SATA drivers. Cheers Many thanks Sorry for the typo-yes it was 07B! I will try this procedure later but can I just clarify two related issues: 1. Am I right in thinking that my A03 bios doesn't allow changing mode from SATA to IDE etc which seems to work for just about everyone (I can switch the SATA controllers on and off for the partitions as stated in my first post but that doesn't seem to be the same and didn't help me!). 2. Shouldn't specific DELLS XP drivers be available for the XPS 420 on their site? Thanks again Longshanks
  12. Stop 07B blue screen message giving me a nervous breakdown

    Hi Apologies but I rushed this without reading the stickies etc. The only drivers I have are those that came with the XP (Service Pack 3 included) installation CD. However,I now realise that I need to select and insert appropriate Intel SATA drivers into nLite etc and I didn't do this first time around. My SATA chipset is ICH9R and the first sticky refers to an Intel textmode driver for 32 bit XP. Can I use integrate this into nLite or do I need something more specific from DELL? Could I be the only XPS420 user trying to dual boot XP with Vista already installed???????? Thanks for your time. Longshanks
  13. Hi This is my first post but I’m not exactly a novice. My system details: Dell XPS 420 Bios A03 (1/2/08) OS Vista 32 bit Hard Drives 0 Partition WD2500AAJS-75VWAO 1 Hitachi HDT7250Z5VLA380 I am desperate to dual boot as there are some progs which just will not work with Vista. I bought an XP installation CD (with Service Pack 3) on E Bay and tried to follow the dual boot tutorial to install XP. I shrank the Vista partition and created 10 Gb for XP using GParted but I keep getting the Stop 07B Blue screen when I boot from the XP cd. I’ve done loads of research on the reasons for this and have tried the workarounds. My version of Bios only allows me to switch the SATA settings on and off for the HDD rather than “toggle between AHCI and IDE etc”. I’ve tried this but still get the Stop 07B message. At the moment my problem is Stop 07B but I tried nLite as I thought it was only a matter of time before I got the "Set up cannot find and hard disk drives etc" I then downloaded and ran nLite to create a boot disk for XP but I’m still getting the Stop 07B. I followed the process to the letter until the insert driver bit but I’m not sure if I selected the right .inf file. I assume these are the ones in the 1386 sub folder but could do with some advice on this. I’m also struggling to appreciate the process at this point. You use nLite to copy files from the XP installation CD to a folder and then you add driver files from that folder which are needed for the slip streaming etc. Probably me being dumb here. The prog I need to run on XP is for my 8 year old son so your help would be much appreciated. Many thanks for your time Longshanks