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  1. I'm sorry for long silence - just digged out techs. First, my reply to jaclaz: I can't use L2TP, PPTP etc. 'cos, as I said, server use IKEv2 connection, that's what it did and that's what I definitely can't do anything And yes, I can ask "someone" to send me PSK and that "someone" will send me this one, but it will not make me happy 'cos My PC won't messing around IKEv2 with PSK auth and it's a key of my question Well, generally answer for my question is: It's impossible to use PSK for IKEv2 authentication in Windows 7 machines because Windows 7 don't supports such auth for this type of VPN. Hope my little research will be helpful for somebody else. And thanks for everyone for their advise.
  2. No, it isn't You talk about wireless connection between device and some kind of hot spot I talk about connection between user and Virtual Private Network (i.e. VPN). If You go to MS tech notes, there are explanations about connect establish (in terms of IKEv2 connection type): someone has VPN server must send CA & personal certificates, these ones You must install on Your client machine. It's may or may not to be end of story, but next part didn't interesting me. I interesting of another possible way to start connection not described by MS: someone has VPN server don't send me certificates, it sends me passphrase instead (Pre-Shared Keyword, i.e. PSK). And I don't how to establish such PSK IKEv2 connection.
  3. OK, I'll try it. You send me to a Microsoft standard solution, it don't work for me: Microsoft mini port needs sertificates exchange between me & server, but target server I'm interesting of don't use sertificates, it uses PSK (preshared password) instead, and I can't to find a way to solve it.
  4. Hi to all, I have a problem with connection to existing IKEv2 VPN server. It has EAP-MSCHAPv2 with PSK authentication, but it seems my Win7 note hasn't any PSK setup possibility, I can input login and password only. So, how I can setup this PSK on my note?
  5. Thank You guys very much for advise. The best solution for me is to exchange sticks with friends have working pendrives, I think. This computer is used for audio purposes almost only (digitizing mainly), so I don't really need any kind of speed up this device. At other hand, maximum stability when working with very resources-hungry exlusive IRQ audio card is needed, so I don't think any hardware adds is good idea. Maybe (or, closer to reality, surely) I'll lose some times while transferring files to the sticks, but digitazing without problems is more appropriate. Thank You once more.
  6. OK, I'll write that things I understand and how I understand, so let me know if I'll forget or miss something. MB is some clone of pcpartner C9300xx (ID when machine starts is 10/10/2003-440BX-ITE8671-2A69KV3IC-00). BIOS patcher v4.23 www.rom.by applied I don't know how to set which USB protocol realized on MB, so give me right direction No any USB add-on cards installed Intel Celeron 800 MHz used 256 MB single-bank RAM used
  7. It's definitely NOT a size problem. I choose equal sizes of working/nonworking pairs of sticks made identical fabricators, but one works - another one doesn't. I'm not very familiar with both hardware and software, but I installed nusb3.3ru, then nusb2.4, then nusb3.3ru back again. So how it can be not generic driver? I haven't XP/2K machine, but all tested sticks work with another i865-based Win98SE machine, so I can look into its regystry and find all information is needed. And I have USBView. So what You want to know about this headache ?
  8. Unfortunely it didn't help. It lookes like some kind of hardware problem. I got a couple of pendrives made by different fabricators and general rule is: if pendrive older then couple of years, it works; if it's a new device, it don't work. I don't really understand reasons of this strange situation, but it's a fact. Moreover, old Kingston works - new Kingston don't; old EMTEC works - new EMTEC don't
  9. As I wrote It means I found exit and installed nonportable ver 9.17, unpacked usbstor but nothing changed.
  10. Guys, maybe it's funny for You, but I HAVEN'T XP machine, so portable version of 7-zip isn't accessible for me and archivators I use (Zip 9.0 & Rar 3.0) definitely can't do any job with .7z files Anyway, thank You very mutch for Your tries to help me Well, I unpacked usbstor and nothing was changed - new drivers database was created, then USB device (not USB drive!) was found and unknown device was found at the end. Exactly the same thing as with my old usbstor.inf
  11. I think, I have to unpack this 7z file? Which program I must to use?
  12. It's not my original flash, it's not my flash at all and here is the main problem: I haven't any my own working flashes. And what I done: 1. Yes, all of them are OK, e.g. files are readable, writeable and erasable at another computer 2. Working flash is still working 3. I downloaded KB240075, but didn't install it, 'cos those guys say it's for AMD & VIA, not for my Intel. Am I right? 4. I can't access to XP machine, but I have access to another 98SE machine, so I looked into HKLM\Enum\USB section of system registry and found VIDs & PIDs: working Kingston VID 0951 PID 1625 useless Kingston VID 0951 PID 162D useless EMTEC VID 13FE PID 1F00
  13. Hi to all! I have MB with i440bx chipset and tried to start using USB flash. I installed nusb 3.3 and got Kingston DT101 1 Gen 4 GB flash from friend of mine. Everything was OK but only with this flash. When I bought EMTEC 2 Gb - no luck, then Kingston DT102 2 Gen - fall again. I have unknown USB device and that's all. USBView says there is device at full speed, but all fields are zeroed (no PID, no VID etc.) I don't know what to do. Help pls!
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