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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    @Fernando: Thank you! My BIOS settings for the FSB are all set to 'Auto" 1. My Raid 5 is a cluster of 3 SATA drives. They were originally configured as a raid 5 cluster when I built my M2N-E machine about 3 years ago. 2. At the time I built the machine, I was getting tired of rebuilding disk drives, and thought that raid 5 would give me the easiest recoverability. Now I'm not so sure.... I'm considering purchasing an IDE Drive and copying the data and OS to it.....
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    hello, perhaps this thread can help me. Situation: I was running win xp3 on a asus m2n-e board for the past several years. I believe the M2N-E has the nvidia series 4 chipset. The xp was installed on a sata raid 5 configured drive that was bootable. About 2 weeks ago, the machine would not boot. The LED power light on the board would not come on. After debugging memory, power supplies, etc, I decided to replace the board. I chose the M2N68-AM PLUS. I now have the BSOD problem. The machine powers up, the windows splash screen displays, the little cylon indicator goes back and forth a few times, then the BSOD happens with a 0x0000007B. Specs: M2N68-AM Plus 2 gig memory Sata Raid 5 disk (same as on original machine), raid bios 9.87 displays healthy raid. 630A nvidia series chipset. ACHI does not appear to be an option in the bios. on-board video, lan, and display I have tried numerous times to re-install (repair) the os on the drives. no joy. Original windows update CD does not recognize any hard drives on the computer (expected behavior) Using nlite, i have slipstreamed new raid drivers onto an active@boot disk. I can access the partition (C:) drive, files are there, chkdsk says it's healthy. After reviewing several hundred discussions of the problem, I discovered this thread. I have tried numerous combinations of slipstreaming drivers onto the windows cd. It will then find the drive, re-install the os, boot to the windows splash screen when complete, then BSOD with the same error. I have booted in safe mode, command line mode, with boot logging, etc. no combination seems to make a difference. Combination of drivers attempted: sp3, fernando_101028_mix, w/ide pnp sp3, fernando_101028_mix, no ide sp3, fernando_99909_custom, no ide sp3, fernando_99909_custom, w/ide pnp sp2, fernando_99909_custom, no ide sp3, fernando_103046, no ide Any suggestions will be appreciated.