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  1. well my taskbar is a thin gray line at the bottom no start button, everything is prety messed up I mean it workes but very very minimally, not what I would call a usable explorer. I followed the guide to a T and have even branched out quite a bit and tried adding and doing some stuff myself and it gave it just a little bit more of a working interface but still not good at all, Im wondering if there is anything outside the guides that u may have done with the new winpe that may have yielded better results for you.
  2. I have tried numerous guides for winpe sp1 but none of them worked with winpe sp2, if your saying these guides worked for winpe sp2 that would rock!! If not ide love to get more information, on any nuances that I might need to know to adapt the older tutorials to the newer winpe. Im more intrested in getting explorer then MMC but it seems if explorer works then MMC should almost fall into place. Thanks soo much for ur linkts Metzen I appreciate it alot. Im hoping the Dr. guide will work with the new winpe.
  3. I also have the WinPE 2k4 and have been using it for a while trying to do old things with a new PE. I would LOVE to see a tutorial or a real quick walk thru on how u got the winpe 2k4 working with explorer etc etc.

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