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  1. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/305097/ Good thought, but no. I am aware of both. I also know that if you use the regedit in system32 you get the 64bit version (with access to the WOW6432Node branch) and if you use the regedit under syswow64, you get only the 32bit branch only. This alas is not the issue. I can see the settings in regedit after applying the file manually from a command prompt, but after reboot, those same settings (whether in the main or wow6432node branch) are gone. Thanks for the info, though.
  2. We use RunOnceEx to run post unattend processes. Some of the processes run regedit /s with a reg file. These have always worked fine in a 32bit OS. However, when I started running these in a 64bit OS, the settings do not stick. We have simply lived with the issue since 2003 64bit, but now I would like to find an answer. Interestingly, if I pause RunOnceEx with a cmd /k, then manually apply the reg file and open RegEdit, the changes do appear. However, when I reboot, the changes are reverted. Any ideas? Anyone else seen this in 64bit OS's?

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