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  1. Firmware and controller drivers were already the latest... Mwahahahahaha .. It's ALIVE and installing server 2008... I changed the bios from os = other to os = 2000 GO GO FREE SERVER!!
  2. More testing - booted Kubuntu off cd - no worries at all. Recognized both disk arrays, and was going to install quite happily. Tried to install server 2k3 - Gets to the blue screen where it loads all the drivers, and across the bottom gets to 'Windows is starting' - the bit just before it comes up with the drive partitioning part. Then freezes. Bloody hell. This is really annoying. So time consuming every time you restart having to wait for the raid controller etc... man.
  3. Ok, update Tried running memtest - froze as soon as it got to the first screen. Swapped some more memory around, and memtest started. So I probably did have some dodgy memory installed. Tried installing windows 2k8 again - got to the end of the 'windows is loading files' bar this time (instead of one block away from the end) at the loading of winpe. Then it just stopped there. Tried the vista cd - same thing, got past where it did before but stopped at the end. This time I'm wondering if it's a gfx memory thing - this puppy only has 2mb of onboard gfx mem. Have started memtest again to leave it running through completely this time.
  4. Trying to install 2k8 b3 on an old ml370 proliant box, and the install is stopping on the 'windows is loading files' screen as it boots to winpe. Any ideas?
  5. Whenever I follow the instructions to create a bootable Vista installation UFD, or WinPE 2.0 ufd, the following occurs: Computer stops on the dos screen just after post, with a flashing cursor and nothing else. Have had the same result from 3 different pcs all configured to boot from usb. The UFD is a Jetflash Elite 4GB. I have had this working in the past, but had to reformat the key at some point and now cannot get it to work again. Driving me crazy! I have tried all manner of formatting tools, bootsect.exe commands, etc, but nothing seems to work, always end up with the same situation. I know the key still works fine - I can boot to fat32 dos using the HP utility with win98 boot files. Am going to see if I can get bootrec to write a new mbr to it, but that's my last hope. Any other suggestions?
  6. WinPE 2.0 and VMware

    This may be a long shot, but does anyone know how to get the network running from winpe 2.0 when booted in VMware. I assume it's a driver issue, as the machine is not getting any ip address, and network services fail to start when I try them. If that's the case, what drivers need to be injected into the PE image, and how? If there's more to it than drivers, what's the process to get it working? I get the same problem when booting the image into VPC 2007 beta. Cheers.
  7. I'm running WIHU using runonceex. The winnt.sif has "autologon=yes " (so that admin is logged on during first boot) I want the user created with WIHU to be a non-administrator - ie user permissions only. This means I need to use the administrator account to install some apps. So I had a look at the wihu documentation, and there's a switch /UseCurrent to install apps using currently logged on account. Great! just what I need... So I tried it. For some reason when using this option the user creation boxes are greyed out, and I can only use what I specify as the detaults for these boxes in the ini or command line switches. So that's not going to work as this build needs to be generic - the user can be anything the person doing the build wants. I could script all my installs and hardcode a username/password using the 'runas' command, but that's not elegant at all. I could also just leave the new user as an admin, and then manually drop their admin rights after the build is completed. Not really ideal either. My last option is just to drop the software install from WIHU altogether, and simply use the runonce functionality. This is less flexible and not really what I want either. Ideas? Also, I could use the second user screen to manually enter the user details, but it requires the person doing the build to use a bit more care and has more chance for them to make a mistake. Plus they can then manually tick the 'administrator' box which defies the purpose of limiting them to a user account altogether.
  8. Hi Trying to get the whole WinInstall Le thing working for me for some packages which are not by any known installer, and cannot be installed silently with switches. However, the latest version seems to want a key, or it and the packages it creates will expire after 15 days? Does anyone have a link to the 'Free' older version which doesn't require a key? Thanks!