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  1. Hi All, Was wondering, is it a good idea to remove all the default drivers using nlite and then using Bâshrat's drivers only, using Pyron's method. Or can't windows XP not be installed using this method? THX
  2. [W2K] Internet explorer 6.1

    Never mind... I think i'm going to try WXP.... Thanks for the help... I'll be back, to keep you busy
  3. [W2K] Internet explorer 6.1

    Thanks for the tip, but i soubt if it works: I did a full download allready and, tested also with a download during the install...
  4. [W2K] Internet explorer 6.1

    A little kick to bring it under attantion... anyone?
  5. [W2K] Internet explorer 6.1

    Tested on a live system but it doen't work: it starts popping up error messages: mskssrv.sys stream.sys mpe.sys streamip.sys slip.sys ccdecode.sys nabtsfec.sys he can't find and at the end he needs to reboot Anyone an idea?
  6. [W2K] Internet explorer 6.1

    Hmmm eventualy it doesn't work I'm going to test it on a real pc but it starts giving error messages about stream.sys, mpe.sys etc. Going to test it on a real pc!!
  7. [W2K] Internet explorer 6.1

    Hmm got it working with /q:a and /r:n only for some reason it doesn't install drmclien.dll didn't get copied. Fixed this with a pre patch that copies that file and now everything works... on to the next app
  8. [W2K] Internet explorer 6.1

    Thank you... Thank god there is vm ware and VNC, so i test it from my girl-friends place
  9. Hi All, I'm trying to create an unattended install for windows 2000. So far i can use all of the documentations i've found on this site. Now i stumble on one problem: Installing IE 6.1. In windows XP it's allocated in SP2 i think. Now i want to do an unattended install of IE 6.1 in 2k. 2 things go wrong: - If i create one with the complete IE set of files downloaded i can use the /q option, but then it only extracts files and it reboots at the end - if i create a set with iexpress then i need to check all the options, so eventually i don't have an unattended install. Can someone help me with the correct switches so i can install IE 6.1 without reboot and without interaction? I know you're all crack's in XP but i hope you can help me further with 2k?!