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  1. As the Topic titel says. Is there anyway to prevent getting an error during an unattended windows setup when you haven't specified a product key ?
  2. other little thing Do I also need to create an alternative install.wim file or can I use the one I created for the x86 install ??
  3. but apart from the fact that I should use the AMD64 components I don't have to make any additional settings??
  4. Windows setup doesn't grant me acces to the setupact.log So here is the answerfile unattendanswerfile.xml
  5. But there are no additional settings I have to configure when using x64 Because my first answerfile was created as wel by using an 64 bit catalog file
  6. I'm busy working on a unattended 64bit installation of Windows 7. Since I've never used the windows OPK before I have to do a fair bit of googling to find solutions to the various problems I encounter. But now I've run into a problem for wich I can't find an answer. When I tested my first attempt at a unattended windows 7 DVD it just wouldn't use my answer file. After some more searching I found out that the problem was the fact that I only used answers for the 32bits installation. But now I can't find anything about what things I should add to my answer file for a 64bit architecture. So I was hoping one of you guys could tell me or have a link to another page where the answer is given. All help would be really appreciated.