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  1. Hello, We are trying to make installing our new computers with WDS (Server 2008, 64 bit) a little more automatic than it is just now. Currently, we have to manually join the newly installed computers to our domain, place the computer account in the right organizational unit and wait for the group policy to finish its tasks (e.g. software installation and settings). In order to automate this process, I thought I could use WDSUtil to prestage and let the computer join the domain with help of its GUID or MAC address. To achieve this goal, I am using this command on our WDS Server: WDSUTIL.EXE /Add-Device /Device:PCtest /ID:3CF64E35E658D811BBD8CD724D4D000B /User:DomainName\Administrator /JoinRights:Full /OU:"OU=Test,OU=Workstations,DC=Domainname,DC=local" I see that the PC account is created at the right place in AD. However, after starting the deployment process, we see that the PC is not member of our domain. We still have to manually change the name from the computer to a correct one and make the computer member of our domain. I have also tried underneath command, considering that MAC address was used and the /PreStageUsingMAC:Yes was enabled before: WDSUTIL.EXE /Add-Device /Device:PCtest /ID:00-0B-CD-72-4D-4D /ReferralServer:WDSServerName /BootProgram:boot\x86\pxeboot.com /WDSClientUnattend:WDSClientUnattend\unattend.xml /User:DomainName\Administrator /JoinRights:Full /BootImagePath:boot\x86\images\Boot_v2.wim /OU:"OU=Test,OU=Workstations,DC=Domainname,DC=local" and WDSUTIL.EXE /Add-Device /Device:PCtest /ID:3CF64E35E658D811BBD8CD724D4D000B /ReferralServer:WDSServerName /BootProgram:boot\x86\pxeboot.com /WDSClientUnattend:WDSClientUnattend\unattend.xml /User:DomainName\Administrator /JoinRights:Full /BootImagePath:boot\x86\images\Boot_v2.wim /OU:"OU=Test,OU=Workstations,DC=Domainname,DC=local" (GUID Used) However, this gives no satisfactory result either. Does someone know if I am making a very obvious mistake? Is the goal -pre joining the domain with a computer account- we're trying to achieve even possible? Any comments, recommendations would be very much appreciated. Kind regards, Sam, ICT Department, Labmicta - The Netherlands.