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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I have a post install script I used with RIS that would reference a folder that has icons,custom settings, and software. Then it would copy the software to the computer and install it.. Will it work the same way if I add the script to task sequence
  2. Hello, I'm trying to build a xp image from scratch using task sequence. I have added drivers and patches manually but it's time consuming. Does anyone have a link to DELL driver packs and XP patches. Also, is it possible to add a post install script to install software after the OS install?
  3. Hello, When I boot into pxe boot i receive a pxeboot error about \boot\bcd error. File \Boot\BCD. 0xc00000f. It was working for awhile and now its stop. When wdsnbp.com loads at pxe it say no response from the server. This is my setup: My WDS server lives on a VM server on a different subnet then my DHCP server. I have the PXE options 66 and 67 setup on the DHCP server at my site. How do I fix this problem?
  4. I have MDT 2010 update 1 installed. Does it allow me to add local security policy settings and desktop configurations? Can I edit xp .wim images with it?
  5. Hello can someone tell me the best way to make a XP master image using WDS? I'm using and an optiplex 760 for the base image. Should I add the drivers for all our models into the sysprep file before the capture or can I use depolyment workbench to inject drivers into the .wim image?
  6. No i haven't made those changes before sysprepping the image. How do I implement these sample scripts after I've imported them into WDS for deployment?
  7. Hello, I captured a couple of xp riprep images and converted them to .wims. I imported them into WDS and I have MDT installed. My question is how do I make startup customization to these captured xp .wims. I want the captured .wms to prompt to enter computer name before joining the network and maybe run some software during post install? I've checked out Windows System Image Manager but its kind of confusing. Can you use task sequence to make these customization or do I need to edit the settings with Windows System Image Manager?
  8. i want the computers that are imaged to appear in a subOU within my OU. I only have admin rights within my OU.
  9. I managed to get PXE client to work using your instructions. However I'm still getting access is denied in the WDS properties when I try to set the computer account default location. It tells me "Access is denied" Is something set up wrong with the Server setup or it is admin privleges related?
  10. I can access DHCP settings. I'm getting access denied on the WDS server properties. Access Denied when Configure DHCP option 60. I recieve Access is denied when I try to change the Computer Account location to the following location under AD DS properties
  11. I have access to change settings on our DHCP server. I'm just limited to what I can change in AD.
  12. The DHCP server is on a seperate server. I'm not allowed to host the WDS and DHCP on the same server. Is there a way to fix the access denied errors since im a OUadmin and not Domain admin?
  13. Hello, I just setup WDS on our Windows 2008 server. We have a setup where the DHCP lives on another server. I am a OUadmin and not a domain admin in our company. Whenever I try to set the following location in WDS properties I receive "access denied" error. I also can't configure DHCP option 60. How do I get past these errors so I can get PXE server working.
  14. Hello, I having a hard time adding video drivers to my RIS installation for the Optiplex 780. Do they have to be added to the Video folder a certain kind of way to show up? Please assist
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