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  1. rolanddes

    My Home Server

    Thanks. (and sorry for the late reply) but I do not think I'm gonna buy a desktop case. Because even the smallest ones are big compared to a laptop. And also it requires a montitor which I do not have. Besides that configuration would not fit in a locker type in which I keep my current laptop configuration. Thanks though..
  2. rolanddes

    My Home Server

    Hi guys. Currently I have a server laptop that serves me for these purposes: Runs 24/7 Runs Utorrent and downloads some stuff with RSS feeds Connected to my WD 4 TB external harddrive via USB Runs Air Video (a software that streams video via internet or LAN to my mobile devices like ipad and iphone) Runs some media player server apps for my tv or PS3 Keeps my files and runs Dropbox Lets me remotely connect to it via Logmein or Teamviewer Lets me access to my files (remember the 4 TB HDD) from my Mac (as network drive) It runs a Windows 7 copy But it's an old laptop and nowadays it started getting too hot and slow. I am thinkg about replacing it. I see some androidbox media players that run Android. Should I stick to a windows machine? Or what should I buy? What is your solution for those stuff I mentioned above?..
  3. rolanddes

    Help With Router For Cable Modem

    Thank you very much. I bought a Linksys E3200 and very happy with it..
  4. rolanddes

    Help With Router For Cable Modem

    I was actually wondering if there's a difference between routers compatible with cable modems and routers compatible with adsl modems. I did not want to buy a adsl router. But now I see that there's no such difference and certainly no "adsl router" I looked around your suggestions and finally decided on Linksys E3200 router. I will be setting it up tomorrow night. So I do not know how the performance will be at least it has 4 gigabit ethernet ports, 300 mbps dual band N-wifi , WAN and USB interface. Thank you guys..
  5. Hi guys. I recently got a cable modem. It is Netgear CBC-382d1. It has one ethernet port and no wireless. I have 3 laptops (one will be using ethernet not wireless), 2 iphones, 1 ipad and a PS3 that needs to go online. All but one laptop are wireless. Which 300 Mbps wireless 4 port ethernet router do you recommend me?
  6. rolanddes

    Simpleviewer Image Download

    Hello guys. I'm in need of getting all the image files on a site. But the site uses simpleviewer software. So I can only save images using that tiresome method of click thumbnail/see image/right click/open image in another window/save image. I've tried bulk image downloader and a few image download add-ons for firefox. But nothing helped. Do you know any workaround or trick?
  7. Hello everyone. I recently installed Windows 7 on my Samsung Laptop. After acquiring windows updates, i installed iTunes. When i added all my mp3's to iTunes library i realized that i am not able to edit infos of them. I guess i did not check an option that said roughly "let the changes that i make in iTunes effect the files on my hdd" while installation of iTunes. I do not know the problem is this option or something about Windows 7. But i want to know how can i change this option or bypass this problem? (i took ovnership of the external harddrive that contains my mp3's but that did not help either)