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  1. Most of them already are, and YES, you can add them as add-ons in ONE session along with everything else you want to do with nLite. WMP11 is different. You will need this http://www.boooggy.org/slipstreamer/ . I may be mistaken, but I think you have to do this before you start nLite. I suggest you slipstream SP3 into XP (with nLite or not), save it as an .iso and use that as a base for consequent work with nLite. Cheers Thanks mate. What do you mean by ready made add-ons? Can you not just insert the .exe file for the program you wish to be installed as part of the slipstream into the "Hotfixes, Add-Ons and Update packs" section of nLite when you're creating your slipstream? (see att) I have had a look at winaddons as well as the RyanVM forums but there are quite a lot of things that they don't have add-ons for like Agent Newsreader.
  2. If I want to add the following to an XP SP3 slipstreamed disc in nLite, how do I do it? IE8 Firefox MSE EmiSoft Anti-Malware Zonealarm Adobe Flash Adobe Reader Agent Newsreader WMP11 Winamp Ccleaner Defragler DivX Plus K-Lite Codec pack MS Office 2000 Nero 6 NET Framework nLite WinSCP PSE Pressreader Java Runtime I'm sure there's a whole bunch of other stuff too but I think those ones are the essential ones I would really like to integrate if its possible so I don't have to reinstall every single thing separately. Is it possible to do all these programs as add-ons in nLite? If so do I just download the file and insert it into the hotfixes, add-ons and update packs section of nLite after I have slipstreamed XP and SP3? Cheers, John
  3. john10001, good luck and be sure to start with a fresh copy of your CD files/folders and run nLite only once doing all your work. Enjoy, John. Thanks! I seem to have sucessfully got through the first part of integrating SP3 now into the windows install. In the section for Hotfixes, Add-Ons and Updates Packs is there anything worth installing here? What options would people usually add at this second part of slipstreaming if any?
  4. I have just re-downloaded the SP3 from microsoft from the link myselfidem provided. File size is exactly the same as I had previously it is 316MB (324,030KB) on my system. Checksum is now: bb25707c919dd835a9d9706b5725af58 which seems to be the same as johnhc posted. So I will try again and see if nlite can slipstream with this new download from microsoft and my XP disc. Cheers, John
  5. I believe I may still have an ISO image for a slipstream I did a few years ago with XP and SP2. Is it possible to use that ISO image and integrate that with SP3 using Nlite or do you still need to use the original XP Windows Disc? I'm not sure I fancy trying to do it manually in Command Prompt (DOS). Wouldn't I also need to extract the files from the original XP CD to do it this way and integrate with SP3?
  6. Hello. Thanks for all the help and responses. I will try and reply to all these. I downloaded the checksum utility and this is the MD5 checksum value I get from the SP3 I downloaded from microsoft: 2b02d110609c67366d6610f102071c16 I'm taking that this is somehow incorrect as it doesn't tally with what has been replied to above. Its really strange because I downloaded this from microsoft and the file name is exactly the same. Its just the checksum and file size that I have which are different?
  7. I am using nlite to try and create a Slipstreamed Win Xp disc. While I am Slipstreaming SP3 into the install it halts when it gets to extracting file i386\luna.ms_ and the error message says "Extraction Failed: File is corrupt". This is the SP3 file I downloaded from Microsoft's website all 324,030 KB of it. Has anyone encountered this issue before and how do you fix it to make your slipstreamed disc? Cheers, John System: XP Pro (32-bit) SP3

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