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  1. note : i am not defining any language settings in my pe pass as you noticed in my answer file so there is no logic this topic explain exactly what I am talking about myselfidem !!! i know this is hard and that is why I asked for your help first place and i wish you can help me out
  2. My friend I could not wait till tomorrow I test it and every thing is OK I have two entries in lang.ini in booth distribution and boot.wim\sources I have allready the page which ask me to choose between two languages in windows setup.....it is OK the problem i dont get the first setup language selection page which says : my language is english or لغتي هي العربية when I delete the windowpe setting pass from my answer file it is ok and fully functional so it is not integration Issue!! this drive me creazy!
  3. thank you very much I well check and report back. but if there is any kind of problem why every thing is perfect when I delete WindowsPE setting pass?? (or delete the answer file completly) Any way I well try tomorrow thank you again
  4. Thank you both for your kindness and fast response however....you don't seems to understand my issue pls reread my topic and focus on the BOLD statments Dear myselfidem I have zero issue regarding language integration or selection or installation ! and I dont use recovery environment that why i didnt integrate boot.wim index:1 I know you want to help me but please read my topic again it says everything the brief: I want to see the very first welcome language select page (which says: my language is english and لغتي هي العربية ) and I have to delete the WindowsPE setting pass completly to see it !!! I want to kill my self just to know the relation between them Dear Tripredacus the key I am using is OK and my ultimate seems to like it anyway I well not insert it in my autounattended in the future. thank you
  5. I am coming through very wear behavior with my Autounattend: I have english/Arabic mui ultimate w7 32bit with language integrated in both install.wim and boot.wim index2 Every thing is OK but........ It seems when ever I add windows pe setting pass the very first welcome language select page + repair page + upgrade page not showing anymore regardless setting in Autounattend!!! it will jump directly to second language select page !!! on the other hand ; when I delete WINDOWSPE pass the above pages are displayed but the spesialize and oobe passes are ignored , I rerpeat again : I have no problem regarding language integration or installation . some body saied that there is conflict between Autounattend and these pages. please help me. here is my Autounattend.xml attached