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  1. Trying to bring back to life my 7200.11 drive without magic.

  2. First of all, my humble thank you to all that are really trying to help each other with all the knowledge available from sources I can't even dream to discover or be able to find, since English is only my 2nd language - basically, it lifts up my spirit to see such a community. A bit of my archaic past experiences: In the past I've putted in place a simple solution that worked at clients I've worked with ... just replace the PCB with an equal one from another drive available, connect it, withdraw the data, return the PCB to it's original drive and just bang the faulty drive to oblivion. But this time it's personal. It's videos and photographs of my life, it's part of my portfolio as a freelance webdesigner, school memories, etc.. At a time of change, where I'd seen friends DVDs get fungus that ate the middle layer and made it useless and with GByte / Euro being more cheaper in the form of HDDs, I decided to store and only plug-in this external drive often enough as needed to mostly input more data, or withdraw when needed, functioning mostly - as you've guessed - my all-time backup "system". Moving along and getting to the point that brings me here... with a good friend that works with electronics almost all the time, we've learned in this thread how to try mend what Seagate has created as faulty. Early this year, my Seagate 7200.11 1000GBytes ST31000333AS firmware: LC15 drive that I'd purchased almost 2 years ago in the form of an LaCie external drive, just stopped working properly. What's the first suspect hypothesis according to the sound it provides? Reading-heads are not being commanded properly. So as in the past I would be trying to replace the PCB and moving on ... but this time I can't find such a drive, and I've searched all around Portugal's forums and what not. Anyway ... apparently and mind you this is and uneducated guess, there's something really wrong with the ROM or ROMs on my drives PCB ... because all commands I type came out with an error that appears to be an indication in form of a memory address where there's an instruction that make it stumble. I know - I also try to guess every week to get the EuroMillions contest in order to pay some freak to just restore my hard drive and get over it. I beg for help, 'cause I already got the confirmation from the retailer that sold my this hardware that is going to due the waranty at the end of this year, that they don't know if when sent to repair, the drive will be replaced altogether or just repaired and format. If the second was the case, I would not be much worried 'cause I would use Recuva or Spinrite and just get the data back ... but I know that most cases they just give you a new piece of hardware and that's that. So please, check out this prinscreens I've captured in my Hyperterminal to learn if there's hope for me. Again, THANK YOU. 1. http://pixxtra.com/i...8975/909825.png 2. http://pixxtra.com/i...76/56247594.png 3. http://pixxtra.com/i...977/5463559.png 4. http://pixxtra.com/i...78/51586038.png Or see the attached files to this post. Tnx Please note that the attached images are "reverse" positioned for viewing - can't change that now :/