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  1. Hi, I read through the topics attached, thanks for that. I would have to admit though, at that level it is rather above my level of competance. I am afraid that I am a some-one who does what is necessary to keep my machines going, without formal training. If I see an actual example then usually I can follow everything, but after that - sorry, I am a bit of a stone age warrior, if I can hit it with a rock and it works then I am on the pigs back Best regards, peterjones2
  2. Hi guys, I didn't intentionally critise Kelsenellenelvian, it was more out of frustration trying do a rebuild of a laptop. I do understand your reply and I respect that. It is just that when you are looking for something, and you are not exactly sure how to do what you need to do, it is disappointing to come across a request very similar to the problem that one is having and seeing a response that tells some-one else something that they already know - if you see my point. Anyway apologies to Kelsenellenelvian if I have done him any disrespect. I did sort out the issues that I was having and I have rebuilt the laptop. One of the problems that I was having was that when I was trying to burn the cd it didn't contain the drivers for the chipset, and the machine would not boot from the cd drive with the N-Lite disc in place. Eventually I got the burn to work by taking the disc out of the cd drive and then putting it back in, which then caused the disc to be over-written with the new Win XP boot files. Anyway that's it for now - everything works - frustration over for another day. peterjones2.
  3. Hi, I would like if some-one could give a sort of blow by blow explanation of making a cd to reload win xp without having to use floppies. I have a Toshiba Satellite U300 and I need to reload win xp as I have some problem with the registry. I went to the Toshiba website and downloaded the xp files/drivers to a usb drive, and then went to Intel to look for the drivers for the chipset, ICH8M ultra ATA storage 2850, and Intel 82801 HEM/HBM SATA AHCI controller. There isn't an actual driver download, only what they term the matrix manager which is a windows program. I think that I have the drivers at this stage but am not sure. Anyway I then followed a method of trying to make a "boot" cd as explained on the DigitGeek website. The cd's that I have cloned, copied, burned and whatever else I could think of, do not allow the laptop to boot from the cd. No problem with the windows xp cd - boots fine, but making an iso disk witht he drivers to "slipstream" just does not work as described in Digitgeeks website. Can anyone give me a pretty basic stage by stage description on how to do this operation ? Sorry to all for the length, but there are just too many short explanations which obviously miss out vital small parts of the job, where to exactly copy the driver files to on the cd during nlite setup, how to make the cd bootable when the laptop starts up. My bios does not let me change the SATA options so I am stuck with either a floppy drive and a full win xp installation, or trying this "Slipstream" method. Many, many thanks in advance. peterjones2
  4. Kelsenellenelvian is exactly the type of contributor that is not needed. Why reply at all if you can't add some kind of contribution. Enstein already knows that Win 7 has caused his problem, he doesn't need a reply "Windows 7 has been known to cause this problem with nLite." DOH!!
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