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  1. Sort of on this topic, I have my WDS server running and waiting for a new PC to ask for the install image. The closest I've gotten is the Windows 7 background with a message that says the drivers are missing. I have read in so many places that I need to use a boot.wim from a Vista or Server 2008 DVD, but the drivers I need do not come with this .wim. I have been using MDT2010 for several months now. I boot with my thumb drive and all works great. I just need WDS for multcasting. When I try to use the boot.wim that I use in my MDT2010 set up, I cannot create a discovery wim. It goes through the process and finishes with no errors. But I get nothing. No image is created. Should I pursue the Vista boot.wim and try to inject drivers or pursue the MDT2010 boot.wim that has the correct drivers in it. I have 96 PCs to image and I do not wish to burden our network with too many images at once.

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