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  1. Hi, running Small Business Server 2003. All mail comes in over SMTP and works perfectly. Now I have created a second SMTP connector where emails to a certain domain are all sent through. This too works perfectly. What i want to do is prevent certain users using this connector, is there something i need to configure within the new SMTP connector? I have tried, within the SMTP Connector properties > Delivery Restrictions > Reject Messages from, adding users so they cant send them through it but still goes. The Address Space on both has the cost set at 1, would this have an effect? If you need anymore info please just state
  2. Hi, I have a PC running Windows XP Home and a G4 running OS X. Although I only have one monitor, one keyboard and one mouse (all currently being operated on the PC). I know there are KVM switches out there to allow this all between two PC but not sure about between a PC and Mac. Any suggestions on what to do / use? All help greatly appreciated.
  3. Ok, we have a Small Business Server 2000. I am trying to create a group policy but it doesnt seem to get applied. First of all I thought, for testing purposes, i would do a simple one - just disable control panel. So i created a new OU within AD Users and Computers --> domain --> MyBusiness --> TESTOU i placed one client computer in here and created a new group policy going through the administrative templates --> control Panel choosing to disable control panel. Then I ran "secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy /enforce (and also without the /enforce) I have also restarted the client machine I placed in the TESTOU but to no avail. Is there something I am missing?? any help much appreciated
  4. Ok, I have a hosting company hosting a website for me. I have all FTP details username, etc. I have just tried accessing the ftp site using wsftp on a machine running W2K Pro and using passive mode with no luck, just a connection error. I also tried it with passive mode turned off. When I talk about client and server i meant one of the client machines on our internal network and the server running SBS 2000. I have also just tried to log onto the ftp site using the exact same details altough on the server running SBS 2000 and no problems at all. Even using IE on our server I can upload file to the website with no problems but when i try it on one of the "client" machines I have no luck. I am only able to FTP download Considering privileges (as have to be administrator to get onto SBS server) I also tried FTP ing on a "client" machine logged on as administrator but to no avail. It is getting really frustrating. Is this clear enough?
  5. OK, we are running Windows SBS 2000. If i try to ftp using a client I can't. I can get to see the contents of the ftp site but have no luck uploading my files to it. Although, if I use the server itself I have no problems and can upload, delete, files, etc. Is there something I should be doing to make sure clients can ftp? I have already created the packet filters on the ISA server computer, enabled the ftp access filter and created a protocol rule to allow the ftp protocol and still to no avail. I have seen on the MS site that if the computer (client) is configured as a Web proxy client only, only FTP downloads are possible. How do I know if it is configured as web proxy client and then change this? Am I doing something wrong?
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