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About Me

I am teachmaster of Logologie - the first cyberage-religion!

I am researcher of neuronomy and consciousness physics. (Neuronomy is the science of the improvement of the usage of brain and nervous system.) I collect historical videogames and homecomputers, I enjoy to build and repair electronic things and I am interested in electronic musics, synthesizer technology and everything that makes unusual (mostly electronic) sounds. I also compose own musics (e.g. like tekkno- trance, meditational musics etc.) and like to write poems and short stories etc. (e.g. SF), work on movie scripts, paint computer graphics and I am generally very interested in art and philosophy.

To learn more, visit my website: http://weltenschule.de/e_index.html

my PC:
a historical PC in a Colani bigtower case with 550MHz AMD K6-3+ CPU and 768MB RAM running on Windows 98SE and Debian Linux; it is optimized for historical games and made from finest DOS-age hardware, including 2 genuine ISA soundcards (SoundBlaster AWE64 Gold, Gravis UltraSound Classic) and a Riva TNT2 combined with Voodoo 1 3D graphics card in a DFI K6BV3+/66 mainboard.

my laptop:
an antique IBM Thinkpad 760XD (Pentium MMX 166MHz, 96MB RAM, 2GB HDD, USB2.0 PC-Card, lousy mwave soundcard replaced with nice FM card from Thinkpad 760EL) with Windows 98SE.

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