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  1. I bought a computer the other day from a neighbour for £5. Now you'll probably be questioning why I'd buy a £5 computer - Because it was a complete steal. It's a custom build PC, although I think fairly old because it only has 1GB of RAM, an Intel Dual Core PSU and a Nvidia GeForce 7300 video card. I'ts got a really nice case with tonnes of LED's and strip lights, was well worth the money. Anyway, I was told it wasn't working when I bought it - So I took it to my house and plugged it in to find that it did boot up. It all went smoothly as the Windows XP loadscreen came on, but then it bluescreens and reboots. I press one of the keys repeatedly (my memory is hazy) so that I can disable automatic restarts on system failure. I do that and I get a STOP 7B error code. My first thought was to grab the installation disk. I do so, and boot from the CD - I'm pretty sure the option wasn't there to use the recovery console so I pressed enter to set up XP. It was somebody elses HDD anyway and I didn't want their crap. When it loads up, it tells me there isn't any boot devices installed. I grab another HDD and plug it in with the other one, and the same thing happens. I open up my current PC, and drag my drives out. I continue to individually load each HDD into my computer and once again load up the installation disk. They both register on my machine. I format them both, and then install XP on one of them on my rig. I then remove them from my computer and put them back inside the £5 jobbo. I insert the XP disk again and when it loads up it still tells me that there aren't any drives installed in the computer. It might be something simple, but I thought seeing as the drives were fine on my computer that this may be something more complex. What do you guys think? Any help would be great. I know I've been fairly vague but I'll try my best to me more specific if need be. Thanks!
  2. No, what sort of voltage should I be looking for? Once again no, I will try this ASAP and see what happens! Thank you, my faith in humanity has been restored once more!
  3. I haven't even bothered with the laptop since my last post. I had a look through the .PDF but the majority of the information was irrelevant to me. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I really just want to get it working, I'd rather not have to take it to a shop!
  4. Right, so now it's all back together. I tried another charger (different than the other two) and now every light on the laptop blinks around two times a second, everytime making a clunking sound (reminds me of a train).. What's the deal!?
  5. Just in case of need : http://www.timerider.co.uk/laptopcpu.htm http://elektrotanya.com/clevo_d22_d27_m22_m27_sm.zip/download.html jaclaz I can't seem to download the .pdf from the second link Anyway, I took the laptop completely apart and then put it all back together, being very careful (it was much easier the second time round) and BAM! The same thing happened. I'm stumped. What could be causing this? the lights (caps lock ect.) blink repeatedly around 5 times a second very dimly, and the same thing happens with the light on the power pack, to me it seems like I've not earther something but I'm sure I have put everything back exactly the way it was.. I'll keep fiddling. EDIT- The power pack, aswell as flickering, repeatedly ticks from the transformer. I'm sure it's not the charger because I tried another one I have in a different electrical socket and it did exactly the same thing. And like I said, when the laptop arrived I plugged it into the mains and it booted up fine.
  6. Okay, I'll pull it all apart today and stick it back togther! Oh, The bodywork was fairly awful, was an ex. primary school laptop and you know the mentality of kids.. It's a Viglen 2700T. The model I bought off of ebay is a D27ES, but they are basically identical.
  7. Hey there, I've got an old crappy Viglen laptop that was lying around the house. The motherboard had a fault and the in-built video card was busted. I bought another identical laptop off of ebay for £30, and when it arrived I plugged it in and tested it, and seemed to boot up okay. So I ripped the guts out of the bad laptop, and replaced them with the bits from the good one (laptops are such a pain!) I finally got it all back together and went to try and boot it up. I plugged in the power and it clunked, then all of the lights on the laptop and the light on the power adapter blink very fast over and over. Every now and then by wiggling the the adapter you can hear the fans kick in but then they turn straight back off, and it does the blinking again. I tried a different adapter, and the same thing happened. Seems to me like a power short, just wondered what you guys thought so I'm not just stabbing in the dark! Thanks!
  8. Ahh I'm not new, I've had previous accounts on here but forgot them, and lots of years of experience, despite only being 17. I could operate a computer by the age of 5, and I know repair them constantly. I've heard about DOSBox, but I'm not sure if it could handle the games I want to play.. They were system heavy for the time. I would ideally just like to be able to play the games on my XP but I can't be bothered with the effort that it takes! I did do it once (the game I want to play is The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard) and it worked, but it didn't work properly, the image and sound was jumpy so was unplayable.
  9. Hey there, I am interested in installing Windows 98 on my computer, purely to play old games that I miss, and just have a few questions - This has probably been asked various times, and is readily avaliable from searching, but I prefer to get answers specifically to what I am asking. So I'm sure I have to create a partition, and convert it to FAT32 - Will use my second hard drive for this. But I'm just not 100% sure on the rest, I don't want to go messing up my computer. I'd also like to be able to select which OS to boot into on startup, and possibly when I have had enough, delete the OS and partition. Can you deletet partitions? So if someone could just guide me through what I need to do, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Xbox 360 Problems

    Hey there. I've been trying for ages to get my Xbox connected up to Xbox Live through my PC (using an ethernet cable) But unluckily I have a Belkin N+ router, which are apparently on the unsupported list of router on the Xbox website. I have tryed nearly everything. I can't even connect up to the PC to use media sharing through WMP11. I am using Windows XP Pro SP3 (I hate Windows auto-updates!) I have tryed connecting my Xbox directly to the router, and reserving the IP address of the Xbox, and opening ports: TCP 80, UDP 88, UDP 3074, TCP 3074, UDP 53, TCP 53 - but still to no avail. If I go onto the properties of the network connection of the Xbox, and set the IP address to automatic (through the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) ) then I get a 'Limited or no connectivity' notification. But if I change it to manual, and enter the IP that I reserved on the router ( then it says it is connected, but it makes my internet connection to the PC fail, and most pages wont load (and even then the Xbox even fails to connect to the PC) I have tried everything from hundreds of pages on the internet, but still nothing. At one point I did get the Xbox to connect via Media Sharing in WMP11, but I am unsure how I did it, and havent been able to do it since then. Can anyone help? I may have been a bit vauge - if you need any more info then please ask and I will try to the fullest to help. EDIT - Have just bridged the connections, and I am connected to Xbox Live, and the internet simultaneously - Although it says both of my connections are offline (Due to the network bridge) Will this do? Is this the closest I will get? or is there something else I can do? I don't like seeing both of my connections in the taskbar saying they are disconnected (although they aren't)