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  1. Congratulation, well done Before firmware updating, test your drive with SeaTool (Short and Long test). If everything is OK then you can consider updating. Cheers
  2. Hi jaclaz, When you say it this way, everything is clear as day. The only thing that worries me is that they can run this SeaTool repair instead of me and send my drive back as repaired. And all it will take about one month, basically for nothing. But as you say, everything is about decision. Guys, you are save my data and my live (my wife has promised to kill me if I don't repair disk). One big THANKS. Cheers.
  3. Hi mgr700, Unplug the SATA power connector directly from your Seagate drive, wait for a 10 sec. and connect it again.
  4. Hi folks, I apologize if I ask something that is already all been said, really . When I had a problem with the disc, I first read your "Read me first" page and it was very helpful for me. In any case, a BlouBul helped me very much, the answers was very helpful. On many forums people says "Don't update, I destroyed my disk on that way. Firmware is not good". On another says "Firmware was repaired and its good now". I just had to know the current firmware state. By the way, I did a "Long DTS" test and SeaTools found one error. I got the code for the reclamation, but SeaTool also offer to repair my disk. Should I try to repair it, or no matter what, send it to the reclamation? I have read what was written by a VideoRipper, but no one mentions the repair disk using the tool, only a reclamation.
  5. Hi BlouBul, Thanks for response.. yes, I will do what you say. If I get some error during testing, is it enough for RMA? I have now UPS and new PSU Cooler Master 400W, everything will be just fine Best Regards
  6. Yes.... at last !!!! I have successfully recovered the disk!!!! It was a problem in the power supply. On another computer I'm all done with no problems. B) Thank you all so much for your help. Now I copy data to another disk, but after that I intend to do a complete test drive using Seagate Tool. Is the new firmware good (there were problems with some versions that have killed drives)? I checked the serial number of the disk, and on the site is available update for my drive. Is it smart to update HDD with the new firmware?
  7. Hi jaclaz, I'm totally agree with you and I also suspect on my cheap "Made in Chine" PSU. It would be great that I have another full working SATA HDD and try "hot connecting" with it. Unfortunately, I don't have another HDD right now . But, I will try today procedure with new Cooler Master 400W PSU, or using another PC.
  8. Hi BlouBul, Thanks for your support! Guys, you are just great. I didn't yet try to rescue HDD on the another computer, but I was plan to. I will try this tomorrow. Don't believe that is cable problem. I have 2 SATA power connector (one for DVDRW and another for HDD). I tried both and nothing Originally problem with my HDD is BSY. I was regularly turn off computer and next morning HDD was disappeared from the BIOS. HDD is ST3500320AS firmware SD15. Related with CA-42 cable.. yes, problem is solved. I have cable with 6 wires (white, green, red, blue, yellow and orange) and for the record: RX - white TX - green GND - orange Tested with loopback test and using Digimeter. Thanks for all your support. First I will try to fix HDD on another computer. If still doesn't work I will try the fix by keeping the power on from the beginning.
  9. Hi jaclaz I was just putting power to a HDD (not connected to anything else) ant it crashes my computer. (Just hear one 'click' inside computer). Now I reading about TVS diode protection and if I noticed well HDD is dead (not spinning) if those diodes are bad. When my computer is turned of I can connect HDD to the power and then power up computer. In this case everything is fine and I can feel vibration in the hand and hear my drive spinning. It means its not dead, does it? I believe that, on this way, I can even connect HDD to CA-42 and to the hyperterminal. But, there is a part after command N1 where I need to power OFF/ON HDD. That will turn of my computer again
  10. Hi, First of all, I want to say that I appreciate what you do for me. First I placed a piece of paper between the disc and the PCB. Then I connect the CA-42 with the HDD (I did NOT combined the USB cable to the computer). After that I plugged power cable to the HDD and my computer just turned off. I've done a loopback test and found TX and SX wire, but today I realized that I did not properly identify the GND wire. My CA-42 has 6 wires. Also I removed piece of paper from HDD, disconnect HDD from USB and connect it to the power, all the same... computer shuts down. Maybe it is lack of power supply or to sensitive motherboard or some settings in the BIOS. If I can provide any more information please feel free to ask. Thank you very much one more time.
  11. Hi BlouBul, Thanks for your fast answer. SATA data cable is not plugged. That comes on the end when the HDD is repaired.
  12. Hi guys, I'm new here. Also I have a HDD ST3500320AS with faulty firmware. Finally I'm successfully found all the necessary things (CA-42, torx 6 etc.) and tried to fix hdd. I have the same problem as bmoroschan. Everything is ready: hyperterminal, CA-42 is connected to pins on the HDD, but when I plug the power, the computer shuts down. Can anyone help me, please?