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  1. I had a look and it was already set to false. I deactivated the whole plugin-container.exe but that also didn't change a thing. Could I do someting about the USBPORT.sys?
  2. The plugin host program of Firefox, which is that/could that be? Would uninstalling Firefox solve that issue?
  3. Thanks for checking the file! Yes, I just uninstalled the WLAN device and restarted but it's still the same. Bwt it's using an old driver from 2006 but when I update it to the recent driver it says the update went fine but in the device manager it still shows the old driver. I'm going to use a cable connection soon again anyways but it doesn't seem to be related to the problem.
  4. Couldn't send a PM, so here goes: http://www.file-upload.net/download-2783680/DPC_Interrupt.etl.html
  5. Sorry, I ran it again now with DPC Checker off. The file is 78 MB... Uploading now. PMing the link. Or should I run the test for a shorter time period?
  6. Hello Andre, thanks a lot for your help. I ran the programs again and this is the result:
  7. So, I thought I had sorted the problem out but after a restart it got just as bad again. Sorry, but I've got no idea what I should make out of this...
  8. Hi, first off, I've read through the thread and want to say thanks for all the great help you offer! The reason I wanted to check were the red peaks in the DPC Latency Checker below. This occurs on an i7 920 12GB with no application running. I've followed the steps and the summary table gives me the attached result. Not sure what to make of it. There was someone before who had a problem with hal.dll but the solution was not posted in this thread. I went through my drivers manually and tried to update but Windows says they're all up to date. ...sorry, I'm an audio not a PC guy... Any help much appreciated!