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  1. Yeah, definitely not spinning. Tried it with a working drive & the Seagate, I can feel what you're talking about on the good drive and it's not there on the Seagate at all. Well, the PSU doesn't turn off (and I've tried two of them), so it doesn't sound like any of the diodes blew. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello all, My brother gave me a busted 7200.11 drive to fix (originally was in a retail Maxtor USB enclosure.) It's an ST3500320AS (500 GB), Firmware SD35. It will not show up in BIOS. I had originally suspected it had the BSY error, and I am able to connect to it via a serial port as described in the various guides, but the drive spin-down command (Z) always results in LED errors when covering the head contacts. (When covering the motor contacts, spin-down works, but when I remove the insulator & try to spin up (U) that hangs forever.) Anyway, after listening more closely to the drive, I suspect the problem is it's mechanically broken -- when I power it on it makes a short "bzzzt" noise every second or so, as if it's trying to spin up but failing. Also, when I try spinning the drive in my hand, I can only hear it move in one direction (i.e., it'll spin clockwise but not counterclockwise), and it just sounds different than all the other drives I own (less 'smooth.') Is it toast? I have heard that sometimes diodes fail on the controller PCB, but the fact that it sounds odd mechanically spinning in my hands makes me suspect this is not the case. Some more details from the label: S/N 9QM0MGVQ ST3500320AS P/N 9BX154-568 Firmware SD35 Date Code: 08274 Site Code: KRATSG WWN: 5000C50009AED7D15 Product of Thailand