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  1. I read the read me first before i posted, but that was all about firmware updating which is not relivent to me, Yes i did not do a search, but i did google "drive not ready" and didnt come up with much, this thread discusses the bsy fault so i thought id ask here to see if drive not ready and bsy is the same thing. sorry i didnt mean to get anyones nose out of joint but i did read this thread post to post to page 30 got jack of it and skipped to page 60. Thanks for the link mate
  2. Hey peoples. Im a victom of the dreaded barracuda 7200.11, since i bought the drive its always been a bit dicky, it used to require for me to restart the computer on boot for it to detect, i always assumed it was the motherboard as the board was secondhand and the drive was brand new, till one day restarting it wouldnt cure it, its got all the typical symptoms of the firmware problem, so i sent it back to seagate to get the firmware updated and they said that its not the problem, they have said the engineers report states that the "drive is not ready". Can someone please tell me what this means and if my data is able to be recovered. I have told them to not replace the drive and send me back my dead drive. The drive was only a few months old when it kicked the bucket and when i learned that seagate dont fix they only replace i put it aside until i could find someone to fix it. I stumbled onto this thread and the firmware update seems to be exactly what was wrong. Can someone please shead some light onto what may be the problem? Thanks for your time ps. is pcb transplant plausable?