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  1. Thanks very much for the link I'm downloading them now. I'm going to take a look at WULOS (Windows updates for Legacy Operating Systems) next. For the benefit of others who may need it it's: here
  2. Hello everyone, Would some kind soul be able to give me the fixes that Microsoft released for the 95/98/98se/ME operating systems please? I would be very grateful. I've tried searching google, but the site that I had found some of them on before, the excellent MDGx, appears unavailable. I've also tried archive.org with little success. The updates I am talking about are the ones named similarly to "24052usa8.exe", "256015usa5.exe", "241679usam.exe" and the like. Undoubtedly this question would have been asked before, so I had a search in msfn.org, but I didn't want to necro old posts
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