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  1. Thanks for your reply - sorry I can't count, and thanks for pointing it out. Yes, you did read my mind .. overnight thinking .. ah ha . easy - just change PCB. So thanks for pre-empting and saving my energy. In Australia (we can't count downunder!), we have strong consumer protection laws; and hence given the number of people affected by faulty Seagate/Maxtor drives, am wondering if a class action is possible for the cost of data recovery, as it an assessable damage ($) to the consumer. Also, when the Seagate Barracuda came out of its plasic surround, first noticeable feature was the amount of scratches on the casing... not unlike the condition of a secondhand item. I have reread my post, and cannot identify the reference to orignal post, which you want me to remove. Can you clarify? .. off now to grease the 3 wheels of my billy cart.
  2. Thanks Gradius and all others for posting on the Seagate 7200.11 (Barracuda). My Maxtor 1TB last apprx 5 weeks; put it away for 1 year; busy with life. Issue seem same as others - no power. Have now tried the HDD into 2 other powered caddies still no power. One caddy had a cooling fan and both had indicator lights. With the Barracuda inside, and power on, no lights, and even the fan was no go. So, 1 QNS, please:- 1. Does the BSY firmware code bug problem result in lock up automatically (shut down) of the hdd drive motor AND power supply intake into the powered caddy, so caddy indicator lights and cooling fan non-op? 2. If the drive motor is burnt out and unserviceable, can the recording medium be removed and reinstalled inside another HDD unit with working HDD drive and optical reader? thank you from a non-technical GoKart (billy cart)