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  1. I set things up on a PC here at work that had a serial port, thereby removing the need for the USB to Serial adapter. With that done I received the prompt and was able to successfully recover the drive!!! I'm not well versed in electronics. Perhaps the USB to Serial adapter was the problem or maybe it was causing a grounding problem, I don't know. I do find the the text regarding what needs to be grounded a bit confusing. To help anyone else having problems does it mean that the ground pin on the hard drive also has to be connected to the GND of the Rs232 to TTL adapter? Thanks
  2. Grounding? Point #7 of read-me-first: jaclaz Hi jaclaz... Thanks for the comment. I think I'm OK in respect to grounding. I have the negative (-) of the CR2032 battery connected to the GND of the adapter (with the positive (+) connected to VCC of the adapter). As far as I know that meets the requirements as stated in Point #7. I'm going to try this gain on a PC that has a fixed serial port so I can bypass the USB to serial adapter and see if that helps. sb
  3. Hi... I'm attempting to implement the BSY fix on a 500GB 7200.11 (ST3500320AS) and I'm a bit stuck. I obtained an RS232 to TTL adapter and connected a 2032 battery. I'm running the whole thing through a USB to Serial adapter, mush as per the set up shown in this tutorial. It shows up for me as COM5. I've set up HypetTerminal connection for 38400, 8, N, 1, no flow control. I ran a loopback test and it was successful. I then connected the adapter to the hard drive. Adapter Tx to Seagate Rx and Rx to Seagate Tx , and when I connected in HyperTerminal I got the expected LED:00 00 00 CC FAddr: 00 24 A5 01 code. I figured this confirmed that communications could be properly established with the drive. I shut things down and then placed an insulator between the circuit board and the contacts as recommended. However, I can't establish a connection in HyperTerminal. When I do a CTRL Z I get a stylized f or some other character but I can not get to the drive's F3 T> prompt. I removed the circuit board completely from the drive to no effect. I re-attached the circuit board to the drive and get the expected LED:00 00 00 CC FAddr: 00 24 A5 01 again. I tried reversing the Rx and Tx connections just in case but that didn't help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks