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  1. I threw this together last night, it's ugly as sin but it dose the job. Basically it takes an exported .reg file and imports it into all the local profiles on a system. I wrote this little tool using Unicode NSIS v2.46 and the source code is embedded into the file at the time it was compiled, 7Zip can easily extract the source. I've only tested it on XP(x86) and XP(x64) but it should work fine on the newer Windows flavors. I actively filtered out the "S-1-5-18", "S-1-5-19", "S-1-5-20" profiles from getting the imports. TODO: It isn't Terminal Services aware yet and can't import to a registry hive that is locked / in use. I hope to add active user hive enumeration in the next version. Again this was the labor of a single nights tinkering and it may have a few bugs. ImportRegToAll.exe
  2. Orca is my friend!

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