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  1. Hi jaclaz Thanks for your reply I have now tested the CA-42 cable on another Barracuda drive (ST3500320AS) and had no problem to get the prompt F3 T>. That let the "ES.2" problem !!!??? Wich is as you said, " a tricky business" . I will try to find again the posts about the ES.2/...Ns models,read carrefully (english is not my first language),and take notes. HallBert
  2. Hello I have a "Barracuda.ES.2" affected by the "BSY error". Serial N°: 9QM8DLBE Model: ST3500320NS Part N°: 9CA154-052 Firmware: MA07 DateCode: 09173 (manufac. date): (2008 October 27th) SiteCode: KRATSG PurchaseDate: ????-??-?? FailedDate: 2010-07-08 OEM/RETAIL: OEM (Dell) UserName: HallBert Country of User: Canada fail reason/fine: no detect in bios OS/PSU: WinXP/LITEON I'm trying to un-brick the drive using a CA-42 cable (chinese clone). A problem arise when i type "Ctrl+z" in the hyper terminal, i don't get the prompt "F3 T>". Nothing happens. When the PCB is mounted on the HDD in a normal way (no isolation between the contact head and the PCB),i get this message about every minute: "LED: 000000CC FAddr: 0024AFF9" (should indicate that the drive is in a busy state ?) I'm stuck there...Bad cable??? problem specific to the HDD model ??? I have done some research without finding a solution. So i need some HELP!!! Thank you!!! P/S A soldering between a point on the USB PCB and a small black cable was broken.After resoldering,the loopback test was OK.Also,this CA-42 cable have previously been used to un-brick a couple of affected drives.
  3. Number:Serial N°:Model:Part N°:Firmware:DateCode:(manufac. date):SiteCode:PurchaseDate:FailedDate:OEM/RETAIL:UserName:Country of User:fail reason/fine:OS:PSU =========================================================================================== 9QM8DLBE:ST3500320NS:9CA154-052:MA07:09173:(2008 October 27th):KRATSG:????-??-??:2010-07-08:OEM:HallBert:Canada:no detect in bios:WinXP:LITEON Thank you???
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