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  1. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    Hello everyone, I'm using nlite (along with UnattendXP, I'll explain) to create an unattanded XP MCE for one of my desktops, a HP A1560N. This model unfortunately REQUIRES the Raid drivers integrated before the hard drive will even get recognized in order to install. I'm also integrating some 3rd party applications (what UnattendXP is for) into the install. Problem is because I'm not computer savy enough to know how to "code" the applications directly into the install, I must use UnattendXP for this. But for some reason with UnattendXP, when I integrate my drivers along with the Raid drivers, and burn the CD, Setup still doesn't recognize my hard drive (only nLite does). For this reason I THEN have to open up nLite and integrate the Raid driver there so Setup will pick up the hdd's. Now Im not sure what is causing the issue, but with using both programs for this setup, everytime in the XP install once it finishes copying over all the files (right before it goes into the actual XP install screen and everything) I get a BSOD. Now Ive tried multiple combinations with preparing the CD: using UnattendXP JUST for my software then nlite for everything else, using UnattendXP for EVERYTHING then using nlite for just the Raid driver, etc. I know I'm doing something wrong, cause I doubt one program would be causing a conflict with the other but I most definately could be wrong. If anyone has had this problem and could shed some light on it, PLEASE help me!Also, I apologize if this isnt in the right thread. NOTE: Is there anyone who is using UnattendXP with the same RAID problem as me and has found a way to manually add the RAID drivers?? Thanks for any information you can send my way!