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  1. Hello alphazoom, welcome to the forums. The first post in the topic hasn't been updated lately but try MDGx tool first. I hope that helps. It seems that Intel has been updating the drivers. Thanks, I'll try that and see if I get BSOD again.... If I do, I may need a WINXP repair install from all the crap I've loaded this comp up with but I can't format...too much stuff I've saved drive to drive. Update.... I managed to get the SATA AHCI bios fully installed thanks to this link...although something is still wrong with my SATA main drive... CHKDSK is finding many errors and correcting them, but when i try to navigate large folders, it locks up and disappears....but it doesn't disappear like before using NON-AHCI mode. Then...it used to completely disappear from win explorer, now I see the drive but it's really not there. Here are the errors I get now. An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation. - 51 The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur. - 57 The device, \Device\Harddisk1\D, is not ready for access yet. - 15 So, using the SATA interface in Native mode the drive got worse for some reason. I think perhaps because it worked before after windows made it run in pio mode or ultra dma 4...something slower....I'd at least have access to the drive unlike in AHCI mode.... I'm just glad I got the SATA mode to work as it was just bugging me I couldn't. Now, If I go back to Non-AHCI mode I'll see what happens... I may need a new HD. Especially if CHKDSK is finding errors. So, I ran the ultimate boot CD and ran a surface test and the drive becomes "not ready" for whatever reason where as no other drive exhibits this behavior. Even though the HD is not totally dead....thankfully...it's still on it's way out. The sad part, is that my older 160 gig IDE drive has 42k hours on it compared to this 320 gig drive@26k hours. I went back to non AHCI because the drive seems more stable unless I really stress it out. But...time will tell... gonna look into replacing it with a better drive anyhow. I think perhaps another 320 or 500 with 16mb cache on it. The only reason I like smaller drives is because there's less to backup and less to lose when the drive take a dump...which they eventually always do.
  2. Now I was assuming this was enabling winxp under win xp even post installation...say years later.... I did all the steps.. booted to bios in my GA-P35-GS3L - goto bios - anable AHCI, then reboot, change the boot up drives because they need to be moved around...then i reboot...BSOD everytime. But in device manager everything is already installed...how could i force them to disappear and re-install themselves while I am in windows. I have 3 SATA devices total. 1 320 drive 1 160 drive that WinXP was cloned from...previous drive was 80 gig IDE drive. 1 DVDRW Asus drive.