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  1. i saw this post of urs. I have the same problem. did u fix it?

  2. Hi jaclaz Extremely sorry for delayed response. Now here it goes.. I would like to say I am just having good friends who trust me :-) I have tried the HDDScan tool also.. Please find the following attached results Also I am attaching DDRescue errors screen print as requested by you. (Please note -I am worked only on selected area with DDRescue.. it is reflected in screen print) HDD Scan.rar
  3. Hi Thanks for quick response I am adding few screen prints which shows the Disk Management Status & HDD Status Via Crystal Disk. (One interesting thing I observed While ScanDisk was started at first time... I can see the Volume Label.. but in Disk Manager I cant see it.. But TestDisk shows volume Label..) I tried to work with DataRescue DD with I am getting errors. Please do guide me further... (I will work with other sample drives in the mean while.)
  4. Hi I have few USB Portable Disks from Seagate ("Freeagent Go") which are not getting detected in the Windows. So I opened the portable device and took out the seagate hard disk from it. Details of the Disk are -> Seagate Momentus 5400.6 Firmware 0002BSM1 Model ST9500325AS Interface = SATA Now I tried to connect the disk direct to the PC. But BIOS is not detecting the disk. So I did following activities 1) Connect RX TX pins to RS232 connectors 2) Executed Following terminal commands (just for check), But i got stuck with Init SMART FAIL error. 3. Now I tried again with direct following Terminal commands This time command was successfully executed , with no error. 4. Now I connected this hard drive to the machine, and now this Hard disk is getting Detected in the BIOS. 5. But when i start the Windows - It automatically start the "scandisk" operation on the newly detected Partition (I am now desperately waiting to finish this scandisk operation, so that i can get my data back... but) 6. Scandisk Operations - shows me continues Unreadable Sectors , so i restarted the systems and on the next scandisk interaction with the this hard drive was skipped, so that i will be able to diagnose the disk with some other tools like HDD Regenerator 7. HDD Regenerator shows me NON-REPAIRABLE bad sectors. 8. I tried the same thing with one more same momentus drive (everything same as specified above)- but to my surprise I now found Repairable Bad Sectors but the count was tooooooo high. In 48hours HDD Regenerator have fixed only 9GB out of 500GB disk. So I dont have any other chance to Stop this activity as well. Now I tried to explain the problem in as maximum details as i can provide. So please help me out to fix this drives. I do have few more momentus drives in my friend circle, and all are having hopes associated me. Please do help me out.
  5. Question: Guess why there is a read-me-first? Answer: To avoid having to reply to the SAME questions asked n times before (and also answered n times before) Please READ it: EXPECIALLY ponts #1 and #2 jaclaz Hi jaclaz Thanks for reminding me the basics. :-) And i apologize for my mistakes. Can you please tell me the solutions for Seagate Momentus 5400.6 drives? Because I have few Momentus drives which are not getting detected. (Basically they are USB Portable Drives, so disconnected disk from it and) I performed direct F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 on it. So disk started detecting in BIOS as well as in Windows but with no file system on it(no NTFS/FAT32). So when i further diagnose it i found non repairable bad sectors on it (I tried with HDD Regenerator). I am not able to figure out my mistakes in this process. ( I know these firmware reset command is designed for seagate 7200.11 series only, but for me it worked with these momentus 5400.6 drives as well..) And hey special thanks for VideoRipper for wonderful tips about IDE drives. I will give a try for this area as well.
  6. Hi anyone please guide me... Can we use this RX TX method with other Seagate SATA drives as well?? ( I mean, with Seagate Momentus 5400.6 SATA Drives) Or we should perform this tricks only on Seagate 7200.11 drives only? Please guide me
  7. Hi Thanks "jaclaz" for suggestions I have re tested the hard drive. It is now detecting but not showing any partition in the Windows XP. So I rechecked it so I found Bad sectors in this hard drive and , bad sectors are in very huge amount say out of 10,000MB 17000-190000 sectors are bad. So now my question is what do you think, are these bad sectors are introduced after this firmware reset process? (Please note - my hdd type is - Laptop SATA disk of Seagate 5400.6 series, is this going to make any issue over here?)
  8. Hi After following command sequence i am getting following errors. please guide me for this ASCII Diag mode F3 T>/2 F3 2>Z Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 6.015 secs F3 2> ASCII Diag mode F3 T>/2 F3 2>U HighPowerMode ExecuteSpinRequest Spin Up Complete Elapsed Time 3.624 secs F3 2>/1 F3 1>N1 Init SMART Fail I cant proceed further