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  1. AWSOME! Thanks intouchtech for tracking down the solution and finding out that it works in Word 2003! I just wanted to add that in my experience, I didn't have to "Add "%1" (quotes are needed) to the end of the Application used", in fact, that gave me an error. All I needed to do was "uncheck the DDE box". So yeah, many thanks for finding the solution! What I find so strange about this is that this misbehaviour started just a couple of weeks ago after I migrated my windows installation from a laptop to a desktop .... weird! Maybe the laptop's CPU didn't actually do any of that seemingly useless DDE business but the desktop does do it? Many thanks to the original author of this solution too of course!
  2. Woooooo! Just did the "BSY" operation for the 2nd time!! It took the dumb harddrive only 4 months to fall into the BSY state again! I HATE YOU SEAGATE!!! However, since this time I had the experience of the last time I performed the "operation", I was done a lot quicker! Thank God for this forum and all the generous people in it who spent their precious time explaining to us how to revive our damned Seagate hard drives! This time, I WILL update the !@#^*( firmware on the hard drive! ..... just as soon as I make a backup of it to anohter 1TB hard drive (a really idiotic Western Digital that LOVES to make read/write noises when it is idle! it's SOOOOO annoying!). Anyways, thank you guys for all your help! *BONUS*!!!: Since I had a really hard time finding an updated firmware for my piece of junk ST31000333AS with firmaware SD35, I uploaded it to Megaupload because the only link available on the internet is on that dreadful Rapidshare! Here you go! It is an .iso image of a boot cd you can use to upgrade the firmware! Make sure to unplug any other hard drives you may have in your computer so that you can be guaranteed that they won't get their firmware "accidentally overwritten! It's happened to people before! This will upgrade your firmware from SD35 to SD3B: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T3NVLGV2 Good luck everyone!