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  1. To Avoid misunderstanding i went to the "read this first" page again to read #7. At the time i had the bricking problem this part was written different. If #7 was written this way, i had not to search that much to came on page 154. I did read the " read this first" part because it has a reason to be there. I think that ground-part was not clear anough for me to get hold on at that time. Anyway, it seems that this disk is causing big problems and it is a good thing that the groundpart has changed. Meanwhile, i have other problems with a ES.2 disk of seagate but that is an other part in this forum. maybe we will meet again there. grets Bruno
  2. Hi Jaclaz, With "manual" i meanted "read this first". No, it is (was) not very clear written. It is higly suggested to put ground together. A big part of the forum is full of questions about scrambled text, terminals that don't work, enz. because that part is not written clear. For me, the sollution came on page 154, where this question about ground was asked again and someone told that most questions came from settings with different grounding. Normal conclusion would be to but ground together and that worked for me. As i told before, my unbricking was one month ago and maybe the "read me first" is modified since then, i don't kwnow. But I do not want to be ungrateful and want to thank everyone who made this unbricking possible. Greets Bruno
  3. Hi, one month ago i restored a Seagate 7200.11 successful but with one remark. In the manual is vaguely mentioned how to connect the grounding wires. In my case i connected them to one point, so they had the same level and then i got my commands properly in the hyper terminal. Before that i always had scrambled text. At this very moment i have got a new Seagate drive but this one is from type Barracuda ES.2. So far i can find on the internet, this drive belongs to the same group of disks as the 7200.11 ,with similar errors. The drive was connected as a raid 0 and one drive shows himself with +- 750GB, the other was invisible. My question is, if i can restore this drive the same way as the 7200.11 (with exactly the same commands)to recover the data. I mean, the part without upgrade the firmware.The upgrade i can do later if an upgrade is available. If yes and the commands are different, can someone tell me the correct commands? I have components already availlable to unlock the drive. Thanks in advance greats bruno
  4. I also have a Seagate from a customer, who was bricked up. I read the tutorial on the first page and also the tutorial from Mapleleafmountain. I used an Sparkin RS232 adapter and installed it as told on the tutorial. The loopback worked fine but at first i had no connection to the drive. Changing wires etc, did not work out and finally i founded the first help guide where was told about the 3.3v and 5v. On Sparkfun site i found information about voltage you connect on VCC. 5V input is 5v output, 3.3v input is 3.3v output. Somewhere else was written that the drive only worked by 3.3v and i changed the voltage to 3.3v with a external variable supply. In the tutorial of Mapleleafmountain was told to use the power supply of a computer with 5v output (red and black wire). After changing all this, the terminal was putting out strange symbols like smyley's and other things but was not responding at Control-z. In the "read-me-first" tutorial was something written about grounding all ground-wires together but it was a very small text about it. For some strange reason i went in the reply's to the last 4 pages and there was a remark about, why the groundings were not displayd at the photo's but only the connections rx, tx ,VCC, ground and the RS232 adapter. This person was answered by someone who told, a lot of people sended reply's with problems about the terminal and no connection to the disk. He came with a fact that not grounding all grounds together at one point, the connection should not work. Connect them all should make the connection to the drive work fine. So i changed my settings and putted the grounds together and yes, the connection did work. Unbricking the drive was easy in my case from the moment i changed the groundings. At this very moment i am coppying the data to a different drive (wd). So, for me worked this: Folow the fix explained on first page but also connect all grounds together to one place. This grounds includes: -Power (from power supply or battery) for RS232 adapter -Power to hard disk (i used the black wire ground from the diskette connection) -Ground pin on hard drive (2e pin from left) Maybe it is a good idea for the autors of this fix to explicit mention the ground connections to be made. It should make a very difference in fixing problems.(less posts) Thank you for posting the fix. My client would have lost lots of data.