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  1. Here are some tips I've figured out over the last 3 weeks going up the learning curve on RT7lite 2.6.0 beta. I'm posting them as I couldn't find some of this information anywhere else. Hope it helps some of you folks. An image can be reworked by adding drivers and updates, but not removing them. Also components can be removed, but not added back in. To get rid of the purple highlight on some drivers, a 'duncical' pass must be made first: Start with a clean source. Load it in, but don't load any presets. select under task for just integration and ISO bootable. add just the drivers, usually all of them. Note that the ones in purple will be put in both Boot.wim and Install.wim select for force unsigned drivers to be integrated (check-box) Don't bother to select for install.wim only, which is what we want on the next pass. Click Apply. DO NOT CLICK COMMIT !! Click on export settings and save them manually, as they will not be auto-saved unless commit is pressed. (Critical!) Click on ISO-Bootable and click finish. ALWAYS CLICK FINISH TO EXIT RT7lite !!! Else the wim's get mounted and locked and are really hard to release, requires a reboot. For the real processing: Now, re-enter RT7lite, reload the (still) clean source. Load in the manually saved settings. Select for all the tasks you really want to do, including integration (mandatory). Under drivers, you will note all the purple highlights are gone and are now white and all of them can be selected for Install.wim only! ... Note: White drivers means driver will be in both install.wim and boot.wim. Boot.wim really doesn't need any more drivers. The flavor (like Ultimate) selected in the pop-up window while loading the source is the ONLY one that will have updates or drivers applied, the others are still plain-jane, even if re-build all images is selected. For this reason, it is often best to select for build current only at the (end) processing. However, once Build current only is selected the other images are removed and the media is the initially selected flavor only. Removing Speech support saves about 180 MB in the x64 media, and about 120 MB in x86. Removing the unprocessed flavors (like starter-pro) removes about 120 MB in x86. remember to remove the AutoUnattended.xml file after processing is done from the output directory, as it will remove the repair option. ei.cfg doesn't seem to matter in the selection or availability of the flavors of OS. RT Windows ISO maker will work with x64 sources only on a x64 Host OS !! The speed of RT7lite is largely based on DISK SPEED. My RAID 0, 2 black drive system processes twice as fast as the Single SSD HYBRID. I would recommend 4 black drives in RAID 0 or 5 Drives in RAID 5, or a pair of 32 GB SSDs in RAID 0, which will cost about $50 each ...
  2. WPI v8 Bug thread

    HURRAY !! Avira didn't FREAK OUT ! It downloaded just fine ! THANK YOU The MakeISO will be very handy ! ... now we've just got to convince Microsoft IE web-site Adviser that this download is no longer 'evil' Thanks Again !!
  3. WPI v8 Bug thread

    Hello, and thank you for your efforts ! Sorry to be a little off topic, but your tools.rar has a trogen in the file CDswitch.exe and the makeISO.exe self-extracting installer is missing makeISO.cmd ... I was looking to use these tools ... Torn the download apart in a (disposable) virtual machine to discover this, and used Avira Premium and Personal to confirm it. I thought maybe it was a false positive. I haven't started my first WPI project yet, and have a few questions, but I'll post amongst the nubbies elsewhere. Sorry to complain. I author freeware, so believe me, I do appreciate your efforts. Thank You !!