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  1. Hello, I was making an unattended Windows XP SP3 Installation Disk with "setupmgr", every thing looks right and have tested the CD, that was fully automated wihout any problem. I tried to add silent installation of some applications with a bat file executed at T-12 through the cmdlines.txt file. I added FireFox, Ccleaner, Winrar, Klite codec pack, Adobe flash player and Office 2007 with their correspondig switchs. The silent installation of all applications succeded but the MS Office 2007 did not. I tested my .msp adminfile and it works but I don't know where the problem could be. The installation process of MS office shows the first splash and takes time but when Windows boots up, there is no Ms office Installed. Here you have my applications.bat,(I changed the extention so that I can upload it to the forum) and I sincerly wish that you can help. Any suggestion would be apreciated. Regards applications.txt

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