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  1. The installer tries to check previous versions and whatever disk there is Ad-aware installed on (doesn't matter if it is NOT %programfiles%) he puts it there again (The unattended run of it suggests to remove it) Any workaround?
  2. Example of how to do this get these ElAttrib.exe ElConTool.dll ElDB.dll ElStd.dll from here _http://www.eluent.com/dl/eltools.zip and elattrib +n -v -F -C -A "%systemdrive%\*|+"
  3. RaveRod Do you know how to emplement that? NotContentIndexed = &H2000 is actually from .NET stuff. It has to do with coding but not scripting I need a script
  4. RaveRod Thank you! At last someone has seen it through :-)
  5. there are tools to deal with this annoying attribute http://www.jpsoft.com 4nt has attrib command that supports Index Attribute! Also http://www.eluent.com/download.htm elattrib does that
  6. THERE MUST BE A WAY!!! It just takes an expert in VB Script))) cuz I found a way for changing ANY attribute BUT THIS and sinsce it is possible in ASP.NET Check this http://www.xefteri.com/articles/dec022002/default.aspx for instance
  7. Still again. I know how to disable THE INDEXING SERVICE. But every file and folder has an attribute called For Fast Searching, Allow Indexing Service to (what would you think of?))) index this file/folder! Furthermore, in VB there is a number for EACH file/folder attribute. For example, 2 is hidden, 1 is read-only, 4 is System, 32 - Archive bit set, 64-Link or shortcut, 2048 - Compressed file. But I didn't find here ContentIndexed file! does anybody know how to automate changing this attribute?
  8. Can anyone tell me how to Automatically uncheck Allow Indexing Service to index this disk (folder, files) in disk (folder) properties? Don't know any VB/JS script to do so. Is it possible for AutoIt? It is NOT the same as disabling the indexing service 'cuz it has to do with NTFS attributes
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