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  1. how do i make it remove the temporary extraction folder
  2. i took the /quiet switch out and it just flashes on the screen and then goes. i checked add/remove programs to see if it got installed but cant find it there. does the script also stop it leaving these behind C:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB923561$ C:\c73df26733bea25b2dbd821228e5388e
  3. Hi Guys Not sure if this is the right forum for this, i want to install a number of hotfixes on about 100 pc's running windows xp sp3. is there a script i can use to just run and install them? without leaving any of the temp folders the hotfixes leave behind? I read about WSUS, and i'm not able to use it at the moment. Any help would be great. thanks
  4. Could it be the version of Sysprep im using. i downloaded the latest of Microsoft website
  5. i will give that a go. i think its something that sysprep does. Cos i've been able to create a image and apply it to about 10 laptops. if i don't sysprep it. is there a problem with sysprep and using gimagex to create a .wim image?
  6. there are about 47 of them all same mode and make all the same hardware. just gets me that the image will only build 2 laptops and then BSOD
  7. but surely if it was those 2 issues, it wouldn't let me build 2 machines(they work fine) but after that it keeps on BSOD
  8. sorry just woke up and realised what BSOD is. the BSOD is so quick i cant see what it says
  9. Hi they are all the same model and hardware whats BSOD, sorry very new to sysprep
  10. HI Guys. Im new to sysprep and imaging a system. what i do is i get a system build i then sysprep it. and make a wim image. i manage to build 2 laptops fine but when i get to the 3rd it blue screens, after the 1st initial mini-setup section. It seems like the image gets corrupted has anyone come across the issue. thank you. any help would be greatful

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