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  1. How to obtain SATA driver

    Thanks -X-. I'm really grateful for your assistance. As you may have gathered, I'm at the edge of my understanding of these things, never having encountered the "Can't find HDD" before, or the need to slipstream. Thanks again
  2. How to obtain SATA driver

    Many thanks -X- - Great bit of sofware. It identified the motherboard as per the attachment. With this information are you now able to recomment which file to go for? Regards
  3. How to obtain SATA driver

    -X- Thank you for responding. From the information I have supplied are you able to suggest which one I need? There are two options as headings, namely K8T Neo - FSR.FIS 2R and K8T Neo 2-F/FIR. Under each of these there appears to be further choices. I am trying to fit the HDD as a complete replacement (not RAID). Much appreciated.
  4. Hi I'm hoping someone out there can assist me. I'm trying to install a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500 GB HDD to my daughter's 6 years old Mesh computer. When I try to load XP Pro it states HDD not found. After lots of Google research I now know that I need the appropriate SATA driver and to use this to slipstream XP Pro. I feel I can follow the procedure but am stuck as I can't find the SATA driver. The computer has an MSI motherboard with the following identification: K8T NEO then MS-6702 Ver 1.0. I've searched everywhere but can seem to find every other topic except where you get these drivers. I've had no success on the MSI website and even used their email support link to ask this question but received no reply. I'd be most grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Many thanks