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  1. Maybe you should check if the TX- and RX-wires to your RS232 <=> TTL interface are properly making contact (and be sure the ground is also connected). If that doesn't work... well, maybe your PCB indeed is fried, who knows? Greetz, Peter. After test the hyperterminal connection with the PCB removed from the HD, I tried to remove the "BUSY" problem following the how-to. All seemed good during the process but when I restarted the disk, it doesn't respond to any command in hyperterminal. Now the disk is detected by BIOS, but not by Windows and it doesn't respond to the inputs I've tried in the hyperterminal. Thanks
  2. Yes... read the procedure to the letter Hint: you have to disconnect the motor and/or head-contacts from the PCB before powering up the unit. You'll get this message when the controller on the PCB was able to load the firmware off the drive (it is stored on the platters, that's why you have to put in a cardstock). Greetz, Peter. It's not that case. You are talking about a message like "LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67". But now my case is worst, the drive seems to be bricked definetely. It doesn't shows anything in the hyperterminal and doesn't do anything with crt+Z even with the PCB isolated of the drive. Can I consider it a brick forever? Thanks
  3. Hi to all, I´m just connected my 7200.11 correctly, but crt+z doesn't do anything. The hyperterminal only receives "LED:000000CC FAddr:002493D1" each minute since I have conected to the hard drive. Anybody knows how to overide this? Thank you. Update: I powered it off to reconnect it in a better place and now its almost blocked. And I say almost because when I disconnect the PCB from the main hard disk, it responds to ctrl+z. It´s possible to reset the HD PCB or something like that?