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  1. HP dc7700 formfactor

    Broken BIOS? Do you use grub4dos bootloader at MBR? Use a windows MBR and add grub4dos bootloader to partitoin boot code. many many thanks to cdob finally i successful i install grub4dos via RMPrepUSB software now i can boot on any bios i like (WinSetupFromUSB_1-0-beta8) this softwre it is very easy to use and make different os on single usb so i cannot leave this finally i am happy to solve my problem
  2. HP dc7700 formfactor

    thanks all of you for answers i will try my best to resolve this problem as per suggestions
  3. HP dc7700 formfactor

    . when i am making bootable usb through (Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool) it working great and fine on my pc at same bios and same setting in bios but when i making my bootable usb through (WinSetupFromUSB) it is not working not only my hp dc7700 but i check also hp dc7800 hp dc7600 hp dc5800 and some other hp models. actually i am from Pakistan and i am the owner of computer sell and repairing shop i am facing this problem only on HP branded models in other models like DELL it is working fine . please remember in old hp bios it is working but new hp bios it will stuck on black screen nothing happen until remove the bootable usb pc stay on black screen i am taking about only mentioned HP models other models i don't know. it is also not working on hotkey F9 ! bootable order is correct and set on usb !
  4. HP dc7700 formfactor

    please help experts of this form i am using (WinSetupFromUSB) from last three years without any problem but last week i buy new pc hp dc7700 when i buy this pc the bios version was 1.15 and my bootable usb was working fine than i suddenly update the bios to 1.16 now my pc cannot detect bootable usb any more same . i try to downgrade but not succeed please help me for the solution!
  5. cannot install xp on intel GBF865

    ilko_t sir you are great finally i found the solution i think this is the final solution for bluescreen :thumbup now i can istall windows xp via USB on my intel GBF865 thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :thumbup sorry for my first post
  6. cannot install xp on intel GBF865

    Very, very strange. No, PLoP won't make a difference, it could have if the problem was USB related, but it sounds a lot more like a problem with the internal disk (which does not make much sense if it's an IDE device). Does the motherboard use the "Standard Dual PCI IDE" driver or anyway it uses another one normally? Or, more generally, has your source any integrated drivers? It sounds a lot like a conflict of some kind, but right now I have no ideas on how to check/troubleshoot it. Let's see if Ilko has some. jaclaz thanks for reply
  7. cannot install xp on intel GBF865

    Hmmm. Really all? When does the 0x0000007b happens? Dring install or at first reboot? (or in other words when it is bootng from USB or when it attempts booting from the IDE drive?) What about PLoP? WHICH method are you using? With WHICH settings/choices? jaclaz it comes during installation windows xp from usb only exactly before when installation shows partitions of IDE ,from cd rom its ok my system working fine !! and same usb stick i can install xp in other motherboards like HP+intel or DELL working ok, but not on intel GBF865!! i format my usb stick throu :HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool: in ntfs and use to make bootable usb :WinSetupFromUSB_1-0-beta6.exe: with default settings i try different types of windows xp also like windowsxp2010.iso,,WINXPSP3SATA.iso Windows.xp.sp3.5512.cdr.august.2008.with.sata+raid i don't know much about plop!! can you help
  8. can some one help me i cannot install windows xp on my intel VIA USB GBF865 motherboard with IDE PATA 80gb harddisk i have bluescreen problem 0x0000007b i try all possible thinks posted on this forum like ntdetect.com , BIOS changing ,,,but no success